Ruby Waters Entertains sold-out crowd at The Opera House, Toronto, Ontario, January 28, 2023



It was a sold-out crowd for Canadian singer Ruby Waters at The Opera House on a Saturday night. The critically acclaimed singer-songwriter has gained recognition for her music in the past few years, which included being an opener for City and Colour. The crowd was ready to witness the artistry and the prowess of Ruby Water’s music.

Aysanabee was the first opener of the night. The singer-songwriter entertained the audience with his intricate guitar skills and soulful vocals that can be compared to Rag’a’Bone Man. It was overall a complete 30-minute set of incredible singing and inspirational lyrics from Aysanabee.



Indie rock singer Cam Kahin was the second opener of the night. The singer recently signed a record deal with Dine Alone Records, and his new EP is bound to be released later this year. Cam rocked the stage performing some unreleased songs from his EP and his latest song, “Birds,” which is a heavy rock tune. The crowd was banging their heads in appreciation of Cam’s music. His mix of alternative and heavy rock music showed his potential to become one of the best rock artists in the upcoming years. 




1. Junky

2. Victim

3. What Are You Waiting For (unreleased)

4. Compass

5. Try Again (unreleased)

6. Birds

7. Watch It All Fall Apart

8. Queen St


The audience patiently waited for Ruby Waters arrival before the lights dimmed down. Ruby and his band member entered the stage to an excited audience before opening their set with “Soakin’ Wet.” Ruby’s vocals were powerful right from the start, as her band members backed her up with plenty of energy and emotion. The energy kept coming as the crowd sang the lyrics to “Last Cigarette” and “Open Arms.” 

As the band members briefly left the stage for Ruby’s acoustic set, the crowd gave the singer a long ovation which gave Ruby a surprise and appreciation. “On the Rocks’ and “Almost Naked” showcased Ruby’s impressive songwriting skills with her powerhouse vocals. One of the night’s highlights was that Cam Kahin and one of his band members came out and threw inflatable tubes to the crowd during “Casamigos.”

Ruby Water showed she can play a variety of music in “Honey,” where she performed a jazzy tune with a saxophone player in the background, while she showed off her raspy vocals with some R&B influences in her well-known song “Supernatural” in the encore. It was an entertaining night of Canadian music in The Opera House, as it was a show where music lovers, young and old, could find any songs from any of these artists to enjoy. 




1. Soakin’ Wet

2. Last Cigarette

3. Open Arms

4. Harder

5. Blood Thinner

6. Blow

7. Good Recipe

8. Quantum Physics

9. On the Rocks (Acoustic)

10. Almost Naked (Acoustic)

11. Heather

12. Rabbit Hole

13. Breathe

14. Casamigos

15. Honey

16. Fox

17. Difficult


18. Sweet Sublime

19. Supernatural





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