Sage. and Josh Gluck Join Treis & Friends at Hooch and Hive Tampa, Florida July 15, 2022



Around 2:30PM Friday I made my way across the state to catch a show featuring a few local bands playing at Hooch and Hive in Tampa, Florida. I thought leaving earlier in the afternoon would help to avoid any I-4 slowdowns, but apparently a lot of people were looking to start their weekend a bit early; an uncharacteristic amount of traffic ended up adding an extra hour to the trip. Luckily the sky was clear of the usual summer storms, so when the congestion on the roads finally died down the drive was pretty nice. By the time I arrived at the venue (after a few scheduled detours) it was 8:45PM, 15 minutes before showtime. I took a seat at the bar to wait and, after a quick glance at the menu, wow. A vast majority of drink options contained ingredients like honey, lavender, elderflower, and more “hive” related flavors – I was sold. If bee themed cocktails and a unique drink and food menu sound appealing, you may want to give it a try!

Right around 9:00PM the music was muted, TV projection dimmed, and the first band took to the stage. As Josh Gluck and his accompanying band members settled in, I took note of how incredibly dark the stage area stayed. Only 2 or 3 lights illuminated the very front left, leaving everything and everyone else very dimly lit. As an audience member this isn’t an issue, it almost creates a moodier, jazzy ambience that fit this show particularly well. For pictures however, not the easiest set up. While the lighting was a bit lacking, the acoustics more than made up for it. The sound is much more important than the look, and this aspect of Hooch and Hive was impressive.

Even though his was the first set of the night, the crowd was already out in full force and ready to go. Josh was the only act tonight that I was going in blind for but, as soon as he started singing, I knew I’d be listening more after the show. One of my favorite musical tropes is the punchy instrumental cutting to isolated vocals, especially live – “Like Fire” will definitely be going in my regular rotation. Also included on the setlist were a few tracks off of his new EP, Welcome Home, and a fantastic cover of “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles. Welcome Home was released in 2022 and is available now on all major platforms. 


Josh Gluck:

Josh Gluck – Vocals/Guitar

Ashton Cain – Bass Guitar

Edgard Manso – Drums




1.) Wanna Be Like

2.) To the Light

3.) Red House

4.) Watermelon Sugar

5.) Fly As Me

6.) Like Fire

7.) Down No More

8.) Leaves on a Tree

9.) Voodoo Child


Next up was Sage., a band that I have been meaning to see for a few months now. After missing Treis & Friends in Orlando last weekend, I was excited to see that they would be together in Tampa for this show. Their sound and style is something to be experienced – Dom Gabasan’s smooth vocals and the jazzy yet still modern instrumentals mix seamlessly to create a unique blend. It is hard to pin this band to a specific genre, but bassist Adam Sage used descriptors groovy and swanky in the introduction for a new track, set to be released with another single in the coming weeks.  The setlist also included “SUPAFUNK”, the band’s newest song, and “Sundress“, two of my personal favorites. Joining the band on stage was Jason Channel, who features on multiple Sage. songs and closed the set out with a freestyle rap. With six people on the small stage, space was limited, but that did not stop Jason, Adam and Dom from keeping the energy high, dancing, jumping and singing as the crowd joined in. Offstage Sage. stays very involved in the local music scene, uplifting other artists by hosting them for live performances in the Sage House. If you are interested in live recordings of some of your favorite Sage. songs or would like to check out other similar artists, you can find stellar content on Sage House’s Instagram and TikTok.



Dom Gabasan – Vocals/Guitar

Adam Sage – Bass Guitar

Ian Matheson – Drums

Duncan Kurtz – Keyboard

Ayyo Will – Trumpet

Jason Channel – Vocals




1.) Half Past 9

2.) Stray Cat

3.) Stick Around

4.) C U Girl

5.) Him

6.) Swing for the Low

7.) Love Longer

8.) Sundress

9.) Best Part



After a quick 10 minute changeover, Treis & Friends started their set around 10:55Pm. Frontman Treis Alexander immediately kicked it into high gear, delivering a charismatic and highly engaging performance. At this point it was getting late and the booths and tables that scattered the venue offered a comfortable break, but the band’s energy was infectious. Treis soon had fans up and filling the open floor section, even jumping down to join in for a mosh pit at one point while bassist Alex Canon knelt playing at the front of the stage. The crowd was excited to participate and were especially hyped when the band introduced the obligatory “Careless Whisper” cover. Treis explained that, as a saxophonist, he is always asked if he knows “the song.” He’s definitely learned to embrace it, as this isn’t the first time this cover has appeared in their set. Tonight’s show marked an important milestone for the band, as it was their first headlining show in their hometown of Tampa. Their double single release of “Maybe Not / Probably” is available now on all platforms.


Treis & Friends: 

Treis Alexander – Vocals/Saxophone

Alex Canon – Bass Guitar

Rafael Castro – Drums






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