Sea Girls Bring It To A Sold Out Victoria Warehouse in Stretford, Manchester UK 26th November 2022.




Sea Girls breezed into a sold out O2 Victoria Warehouse, where Billy Seagrave joined the masses to watch the rise of a new band on the block.

Championing the resurgence of British rock bands English four-piece Sea Girls have hit the road with their second studio album ‘Homesick’. Most of the dates have sold out and the tour even extended to accommodate the demand, for their biggest UK and EU headline tour.

Tonight, they take centre stage at Manchester, s Victoria Warehouse, with support from Lauran Hibberd. The show is a sell out with many fans arriving early, to hopefully get the best position, for the show.

Bursting onto stage at Victoria Warehouse, covering the stage like a Tasmanian devil. Her brand of melodramatic indie pop is released like a bath bomb on pamper night. Isle Of Wight native Lauran Hibberd is already a force to be reckoned with as she launches into ‘Average Joe’ and beckons the crowd to sing back to her. Hibberd is a natural performer bouncing around the stage like Tigger on steroids. The band played with a confidence to a very appreciative almost full crowd high on energy, even though some of the slower songs. Lauran’s natural sense of humour has always been a strength, and herself deprecating style still feels lite and fun. I always love seeing an act that remembers the people that help make the show happen and talking to the sound/light engineers and chatting to the road crew on stage shows a genuine appreciation and respect that everyone can feel is genuine. Commanding the stage with kung fu kicks and catchy songs such as ‘Still Running 5k’ and finishing the set with ‘Last song ever’, Lauran brings plenty for new fans and old diehards alike.



1/ Average Joe

2/ How Am I Still Alive?

3/ Bleugh

4/ I’m Insecure

5/ Hole in the Head

6/ Still Running (5K)

7/ Last Song Ever



The venue is heaving, and the crowd are in fine form awaiting tonight’s headliners to appear on stage. The concert began by throwing it back to their roots with their first release under Polydor back in 2019, ‘Damage Done’. The instrumentalists of the band, Rory, Andrew and Oli began on-stage, playing an extended opening melody of the song, and Henry joined them just in time for the opening line. This created an atmosphere of anticipation among fans and gave the instrumentalists time to show off their skill.

There was a genuine sense of gratefulness from the band, as lead singer Henry Camamile commented on their growth in fanbase, going from a sell-out gig at the Deaf Institute to selling out the Warehouse. Its great watching a band develop and grow that ever-expanding fanbase, and then acknowledge the love and support that has got them here.

A highlight for many fans was the performance of the tour’s title song, Hometown. The song tells the nostalgic story of being a spontaneous teenager growing up alongside your friends. The song was relatable for the crowd, which had a high student majority, and this was proven by the amount of people singing along to the catchy lyrics. Sea Girls ended their set with an encore made up of a collection of their most popular songs: ‘Daisy Daisy’, ‘All I Want to Hear You Say,’ and, Call Me Out, As expected, the crowd went wild encouraged by the band telling everyone to jump. They saved their two most streamed songs until last, which ensured the concert ended on high.

The band have developed so much over the last few years as a unit they fill the stage as easy as they fill venues, when ever you can grab the album it’s a real ear candy, then find out when they will be playing near you in the future, they are on the money.




1/ Damage Done

2/ Lucky

3/ Open Up Your Head

4/ Higher

5/ Falling Apart

6/ Transplant

7/ Hometown

8/ Too Much Fun

9/ Ready for More

10/ Adored

11/ Sleeping With You

12/ Why Won’t You Admit


14/ Lonely

15/ Sick

16/ Do You Really Wanna Know?

17/ Friends

18/ Paracetamol Blues


19/ Daisy Daisy

20/ All I Want to Hear You Say

21/ Call Me Out