Seether's “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum”, reveals their staying power in The Rock World



     Seether’s new album, “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum”, due to be released August 28th, brings you on an emotional roller coaster you can’t get off until the last track ends. In Seether fashion, they have created this rocky road with power riffs, heart hitting lyrics about being misunderstood by the ones we love, and the trials and tribulations of battling yourself. “Dangerous” the album’s most popular single, is steadily climbing the Billboard Charts has peaked at #5 on July 10th . 

     This is Seether’s 8th studio album and was produced by band member Shaun Morgan. Engineering and mixing by Matt Hyde, who has worked with legends Deftones, Hatebreed, and Slayer to name a few. The band had their newest member, Corey Lowery (Crobot, Saint Asonia), co-engineering alongside Hyde. Together they created 13 tracks of whimsical frenzied chaos and torment. Making this album hit you on a multitude of levels, perpetuating the growth that Seether has overcome on their  journey in music. 

     There are a few songs that stuck out to me on this album. The first one was “Beg”. Who doesn’t like screaming someone into submission?! “Bruised and Bloodied” is another single released off the album that carries some pretty substantially deep lyrics that have you spiraling into another state of consciousness. The melodies and epic entrance into “Liar” had me all somber, creating the imagery of a lonely traveler walking down a dirt road with the world crumbling around him searching for the truth. 

    “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum” just proves that Seether has the staying power and drive to rock our socks off for years to come; they aren’t slowing down or backing off. So stand up, dust those devil horns off and rock on!




Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum Tracks:

  1. Dead and Done 
  2. Bruised and Bloodied 
  3. Wasteland 
  4. Dangerous 
  5. Liar 
  6. Can’t Go Wrong 
  7. Buried in the Sand 
  8. Let It Go 
  9. Failure 
  10. Beg 
  11. Drift Away
  12. Pride Before The Fall 
  13. Written In Stone




Since forming in Pretoria, South Africa in 1999, SEETHER has amassed a global fan base that has grown organically with the quartet’s sense of purpose and commitment spreading outwards, offering their fans around the world camaraderie, comfort and a sense of personal power. While others of their ilk faded away, SEETHER maintains a strong sense of self, ignoring trends and critics in favor of a consummate devotion to their craft. Their impressive sales and chart history includes three platinum and two gold albums, 15 #1 singles (including 2017’s “Let You Down,” 2014’s “Words as Weapons,” and 2011’s “Tonight”); 19 Top 5 multi-format hits, with US singles sales topping 17 million and over 1.5 billion streams world-wide across all platforms. They are also creators of the Rise Above Fest, founded in 2012 to raise awareness for suicide prevention and mental illness. Past headliners of the annual gathering include Slash, Godsmack, Avenged Sevenfold, Papa Roach and many more. Since conception, the Rise Above Fest has turned into a broader movement, expanding its presence at additional music festivals around the globe. All SEETHER shows donate $1 of ticket sales to benefit the SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices Of Education) organization.




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