Silverbacks – Debut Album “FAD” Album Review

Photo Credit: Phil Smithies



Debut Album




When it comes to Irish music, there always seems to be an emotive vein running through its voice and purpose and it appears to hang in the air longer than most. Poets and musicians dot the landscape with angst, love and balls. This album from ‘Silverbacks‘ bears the same scars with aplomb.

Grabbing a piggy back from past eras, the album ‘Fad’ manages to find a hidden crossing that brings a whole fresh new light into the realm of the Irish discography, delivering lashings of musical cream on top of indulgent offerings that have been fuelled by passion and the need to express life’s battles in the spoken word.

Driven by a pounding drum and bass combo, the band seems to have pulled off a sound deeply embedded with the shadows of punk, yet still holding onto their Irish sensibility that wears it’s heart on its sleeve with bells on, folk with attitude mixed with a sanguine celebration of place and life.

Born breathing the same air as so many from these shores can help or hinder in equal measure, but ‘Silverbacks’ have, with this debut album, found a lineage in their DNA that loves to explore all things musical and challenges the ism that bears the name ‘Irish’

Simply put, ‘Fad’ needs a listen, a drink, and a lot of heated passionate debate, much like any Friday down the pub.

Released July 17 via Central Tones



  1. Dunkirk
  2. Pink Tide
  3. Drink It Down
  4. Fad ’95
  5. Dud
  6. Klub Silberrücken
  7. Travel Lodge Punk
  8. Just in The Band
  9. Grinning at The Lid
  10. Muted Gold
  11. Up The Nurses
  12. Madra Uisce
  13. Last Orders


by Lloyd Wakeling