Billy Seagrave got all hot and sweaty with the crowds as Sleeping with Sirens served up a raucous night at the O2 Ritz, Manchester, ably supported by, Static Dress, and Charming Liars, who played their part in getting things off to a flyer.

First up were Charming Liars who took to the stage full of energy. They gave us a great set that warmed the Manchester crowd up nicely. Starting with “The Haunting” and “When Did We”? frontman Kiliyan Maguire was a powerhouse of energy, getting everyone involved in the music. They give off an ’80s vibe which shone through on, “Disco Elvis”, and “Impact “taken from their “Sonic Cinema” album. The Ritz was filling up, Keeping the crowd interaction and the pace up under a barrage of smoke and strobe lighting seemed to push on the excellent Joshua Reynolds on drums, a real masterclass of percussion. Karnig Manoukian – Guitar and Mike Kruger – Bass, perfectly set the pace from start to finish. Finishing the set with, “Like A Drug” and the powerful, “Pieces”, before leaving the stage Kiliyan announced to the crowd that they would be back in Manchester later this year, one for the diary.



Set List

1/ The Haunting

2/ When Did We?

3/ High

4/ Wreck-It All

5/ Violent Candy

6/ Like a Drug

7/ Pieces


In a world where so many artists are afraid to stray from the norm, Static Dress stands as one of the most inventive and inspiring acts in the burgeoning new wave of post-hardcore, unafraid to push what it means to be a band. Dive into the Technicolor rabbit hole… Static Dress is an English rock band from Leeds, West Yorkshire. The band was formed in 2018 and currently consists of vocalist Olli Appleyard, drummer Sam Ogden, bassist George Holding, and anonymous masked guitarist Contrast.

Again under a torrent of strobe lighting and smoke that engulfed the stage, the band went off like an atom bomb, much to the crowd’s delight, “Manchester, Split this fucking room,” bellows Static Dress’ charismatic frontman Olli Appleyard. The band are not here to waste any time, scenes I can only describe as apocalyptic carnage, erupt from the stage, as they beckon the baying crowd to follow, and they duly did. Opening with “Disposable Care”, and “Sober Exit(s), see the bands flailing bodies silhouetted by the deluge of lighting coming from the back of the stage. The pace was brutal, finishing with “Sweet” and “Clean”, and well and truly had the crowd up for tonight’s headliners.



Olli Appleyard – lead vocals (2018–present)

Sam Ogden – drums (2021–present)

Contrast – guitar (2021–present)

George Holding – bass, backing vocals (2022-present)



Set List

1/ disposable care

2/ sober exit(s)

3/ Courtney, Just Relax

4/ such.a.shame

5/ Push Rope

6/ sweet.

7/ Clean.


Time for headliners, Sleeping With Sirens from Orlando, Florida. As the lights went down, we have jostled and positioned for the best vantage point as the screams and shouts were deafening. The Ritz Crowd where ready, SWS began with “Break Me Down” and lead Singer Kellin Quinn had the crowd firmly in the palm of his hand immediately. Next up was “Kick Me”, “Leave It All Behind” and “Never Enough”. The set was a mixture of old and new, with tracks from their latest album “Complete Collapse” receiving a great reception, we would, not expect anything else from a fanbase that has probably been with them from the start.

There comes a moment when the band leave the stage, and only Quinn and guitarist Nick Martin remain. The crowd is quiet up until the moment Quinn announces: “This is an older one” “let’s throw it back” before launching straight into “Scene Five – With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear” from their debut 2012 EP, “If You Were a Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack”. Continuing into the acoustic mode, “Scene Two – Roger Rabbit” continues this intimate moment.

The band quickly retake their places, and as the crowd continue to show their gratitude “Bloody Knuckles”, is blasted from the stage, before going straight into, “Ctrl + Alt + Del” and finally for the set “If I’m James Dean Your Audrey Hepburn “which has this very enthusiastic crowd begging for more.

As they come on stage for the obligatory encore against a deafening backdrop of screams, they finish off an excellent set with “IfY Can’t Hang”, this time leaving the stage to the backing track, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (who loves me)” The crowds disperse having been fully entertained the whole evening.



Kellin Quinn – Lead Vocals, Keyboards 

Justin Hills – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals 

Nick Martin – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals 

Matty Best – Drums, Percussion

Current touring members

Tony Pizzuti – Lead Guitar 



Set List

1/ Break Me Down

2/ Kick Me

3/ Leave It All Behind

4/ Never Enough

5/ Do It Now Remember It Later

6/ Talking to Myself

7/ Crosses

8/ Agree to Disagree

9/ Go Go Go

10/ Better Off Dead

11/ Scene Five: With Ears to See, and Eyes to Hear


12/ Scene Two: Roger Rabbit


13/ Bloody Knuckles

14/ Ctrl + Alt + Del

15/ If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn


16/ If You Can’t Hang