Album Review – Ailbhe Reddy – ‘Endless Affair’






Ailbhe Reddy returns with her new album ‘Endless Affair’ Critically acclaimed choice music prize nominated (debut album) and this year promises to be really really big  with her American Tour beginning in March, then the UK and Europe leg afterwards. The album lead single ‘Shit Show” has received a lot of attention having most recently being performed on The Late Late Show.

“Shitshow” hears Ailbhe sing about the curse of a hangover and self reflection, a situation many others have found themselves in. Sh*tshow came from a lyric / played with for a few months which was “my god, look at the state of me, this is so embarrassing, won’t you take me home?” It’s kind of addressing another person and kind of addressing myself from the perspective of the morning after. I had those lyrics for a while and while working with Tommy McLaughlin on the record he jokingly said we should call the album Sh*tshow and I vowed to work that word into a lyric so it perfectly fit into this song. It’s about looking back on a night out with regret while also addressing and apologising to an ex-partner about my antics. The first verse is to myself and the second verse is to someone else. It’s kind of a tongue in cheek examination of a bad hangover.”



Moving straight onto the following track “A Mess”, which talks of trying your best with fast paced guitar and blondies style vocals, the tempo has really empowering feel to it. The fast tempo continues into the album with “Damage” This album has the ability to take you on a journey of indie, strength induce tracks about relationships, but provide vulnerability on slower songs, with an air of self doubt.

The vulnerability in this album is what makes it familiar and soothing to listen too. “Last To Leave” is a real smouldering song about the ups and downs about a relationship with drinks and regret, and repeating the same mistakes. It’s a powerful song sang beautifully. Many of the songs are written in a regret based format, seeing the situation after it happened which is evident also in the track “Last Night’

“Pray For Me” and “Motherhood” the last two off the album are both beautiful tributes, “Pray For Me” for her late grandmother, the beautiful lyrics are a hug that can resonate with anyone that’s had a loss, the background sounds on this track give it such a personal feel. “Motherhood” wraps up the album beautifully with reminiscence focusing on childhood.




1. Sh*tshow
2. A Mess
3. Damage
4. Inhaling
5. Bloom
6. Last To Leave
7. Shoulder Blades
8. I’m Losing You’re Winning
9. Good Time
10. You Own The Room
11. Pray For Me
12. Motherhood




10–19 – SXSW, Austin, Texas, USA


12 – Portland Arms, Cambridge, UK
13 – Louisiana, Bristol, UK
14 – Gullivers, Manchester, UK
15 – Hug & Pint, Glasgow, UK
16 – Brudenell, Leeds, UK
18 – Moth Club, London, UK
20 – Trix, Antwerp, UK
21 – Pop Up Du Label, Paris, FR
25 – Helios37, Cologne, DE
26 – Frannz, Berlin, DE
27 – Nochtwache, Hamburg, DE
28 – TrivoliVredenburg, Utrecht, DE


05 May – Whelans, Dublin, IE
06 May – Whelans, Dublin, IE