Sound Theory has released their debut EP “Sound Theory” on November 2, 2020.



Orlando’s hardest working band, Sound Theory has released their debut EP “Sound Theory” on November 2, 2020. Sound Theory is a High Energy five piece cover band that resides in Orlando performing your favorite Rock songs from the late 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and up! This initial release has two original compositions and two cover songs. Judi Drabek was added for backing vocals, Ricardo Melendez on drums for “About It’ and “All Over You”, and Norm Goebel performed the drums on the two covers.

I have reviewed Sound Theory this year for a live show, and on a sound stage for a Facebook simulcast. I have seen them perform cover songs almost technically perfect. Tom Cook and the band really showed they are more than just Orlando’s hardest working cover band. They can write and perform original music.

Check out this EP and pay close attention to the single “About It”. Sound Theory shows some chops with this hard hitting track and leaves you wanting more! I am really excited to see the band writing and performing their original material. Check their latest shows HERE.






Andy Simounet Jr – Lead Vocals.

Jeff Coda – Lead Guitar & Backup Vocals.

 * Norm Goebel – Drums.

**  Ricardo Melendez – Drums.

Chris Stamper – Keyboards & Vocals.

Tom Cook – Bass Guitar & Backup Vocals

Judi Drabek – Backing Vocals





** About It   (written by Jeff Coda)

** All Over You   (written by Chris Stamper)

* Go Your Own Way  (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

* Lovin’ Every Minute of It  (Loverboy Cover)


Recorded and mixed by Dave Mikeal at Studio Live USA in Oviedo, Florida.

Listen to “About It”  HERE

Listen To “All Over You”  HERE

Listen to “Go Your Own Way”  HERE

Listen to “Lovin’ Every Minute of It”  HERE


Sound Theory will mail a CD out to you just send the money and please include $5 for shipping.

Purchase “Sound Theory”  HERE


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