Standin' Man Releases Debut Single 'Be Your Own Messiah'





On August 12th 2022, new Rock artist Standin’ Man will be releasing his debut single ‘Be Your Own Messiah’ from the up and coming album ‘Life Intimidating Art’. Formed in late 2019, Standin’ Man (North West UK) began the process of writing and recording a body of work during the course of the pandemic alongside producer Jim Spencer (The Charlatans, New Order, Johnny Marr) and engineer Henry Broadhead at Eve Studios, Motor Museum Studios and Hope Studios.



Dean Fairhurst, Standin’ Man’s protagonist is both lead singer, guitarist and songwriter who is no novice when it comes to the industry having toured extensively worldwide supporting the likes of The Who, Liam Gallagher, Def Leppard, Scorpions, Roger Waters and many more. His song writing has been featured on numerous platforms including Netflix, HBO, Sky Sports, RockBand, Jeep, ATP Tennis Tournament and featured in Rolling Stone, NME, Classic Rock, VICE and many more. Be Your Own Messiah showcases one of the many anthemic, psychedelic inspired Rock songs that is steeped in passion and intent within Standin’ Man’s catalogue. Lyrically this track is inspiring and thought provoking with direct commentary on our modern day need for self-belief in an age of anxiety. The almost ‘Hip-Hop’ beat coupled with a heavy, desert sounding riff layered chorus provides a slick and powerful song that is sure to be a fan favourite.

Standin’ Man is the creation of lead singer and songwriter Dean Fairhurst. Emanating from the North West of England, Standin’ Man produces a new wave of Psychedelic inspired Rock n Roll. Dean Fairhurst writes and produces songs that have been featured on the likes of Netflix, HBO, BBC Sports, Sky Sports, Jeep, RockBand, and ATP World Tennis Tournament amongst other media platforms. Having toured worldwide supporting the likes of The Who, Liam Gallagher, Def Leppard, Roger Waters and Scorpions, Dean is no stranger to gracing the stage. Written and recorded during the pandemic, Standin’ Man’s debut Album ‘Life Intimidating Art’ features a body of work that derives from Dean Fairhurst’s distinctive ability to ignite and entertain listeners that crave powerful, well-crafted modern day Rock songs. Working with producer Jim Spencer (Johnny Marr, The Charlatans, New Order), Dean has been able to put together a collection of tracks of contemporary rock music that is nuanced by the social situations of his listeners. The first release off the album, ‘Be Your Own Messiah’ is both sonically and lyrically modern with relevant themes of finding ‘enlightenment’ through self-acceptance and togetherness. The fusion of an almost Hip-Hop beat and a heavy riff-based chorus, galvanised by a psychedelic desert sound provides the listeners with a fine example what the album has to offer. Having debuted a number of the album tracks live in December 2021 to a SOLD OUT audience, Standin’ Man will continue his stage performance through the UK and elsewhere to cement his footing as an artist that cannot be ignored.