Steve Mann (LIONHEART, MSG) Talks New Lionheart, Guitars, Rach And Bach, Michael, And A Beatle January 22, 2024



Steve Mann has had a successful 50+-year career in music as a guitarist, keyboardist, songwriter, producer, and engineer, recording and performing with some of the world’s very best musicians. He has been a member of glam rock legends Sweet, as well as The Michael Schenker Group and McAuley-Schenker Group, and a founding member of Lionheart.

This interview took place just prior to the release of Lionheart’s latest record, The Grace Of A Dragonfly, which will be available on Metalville Records on February 23rd, 2024. Steve talks candidly about writing the record, the guitars he used to record it, and what it’s like to have Dennis Stratton as a guitar partner in the band. Steve also speaks about writing songs for the Michael Schenker Group, a possible McAuley-Mann record with vocalist Robin McAuley, the piece of music he’s most proud of, and his desire to play with a Beatle.



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