Steve Vai Shreds The Magnolia in El Cajon, California – 9/28/2022


To say that Steve Vai plays the guitar is like saying Rembrandt painted pictures. On September 28, he finally made it back to the San Diego area with a show at The Magnolia in El Cajon. Steve and band members Jeremy Colson, Dave Weiner, and Philip Byrne, are out on your in support of the new album Inviolate which is out now.  The Magnolia is a great venue for this type of show with fantastic acoustics and great sight lines. What is a little more difficult is to photograph the show without disturbing the concert goers as there is no photo pit area or anyway to shoot directly up front without being in the way of the people sitting in the front row. For this reason, the photographers shoot from the left or right but with Steve playing to the whole room stalking back and forth across the stage, the most difficult part of this shoot was narrowing it down to a reasonable number. What was more difficult was getting great photos of the other band members especially Jeremy on the drums.

The band took the stage and launched into “Avalancha” off the new album and Steve walked out with his guitar being lit by the blue lights embedded in the fret board. The band was tight, with Jeremy and Philip holding down the best and Dave’s guitar filling in around Steve’s playing. This band really is tight and they all are given moments in the concert to show what they really can do. I have been a fan of Jeremy on drums since I saw him play with Billy Idol many years back, and he is both fantastic to hear and to watch. Watch the interaction between Steve and Dave was a joy, it is obvious that they have been playing together for many years and their interaction is nearly on a telepathic level. Philip Bynoe is just rock solid on the bass and along with Jeremy, they keep the songs moving forward as one of the best rhythm sections I have heard. The set was heavy on the new Inviolate album with six of the 17 song list from the new album (19 songs when you count the guitar and drums solos). This doesn’t mean that the older material is ignored. There are two tunes from the 1990 Passion and Warfare album (“Liberty” and “For the Love of god”) and a couple from the 1996 Fire Garden album. After the first three it was time to put the cameras down and enjoy the rest of the show. 



Steve Vai – Guitar

Jeremy Colson – Drums

Dave Weiner – Guitars, keyboard

Philip Bynoe – Bass




1.) Avalancha

2.) Giant Balls of Gold

3.) Little Pretty

4.) Tender Surrender

5.) Lights Are On

6.) Candlepower

7.) Dave Weiner Solo

8.) Building the Church

9.) Greenish Blues

10.) Bad Horsie

11.) I’m Becoming

12.) Whispering a Prayer

13.) Dyin’ Day

14.) Jeremy Colson Drum Solo

15.) Teeth of the Hydra

16.) Zeus in Chains

17.) Liberty

18.) For The Love Of God


19.) Fire Garden Suite IV – Taurus Bulba






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