Electronic Excess and Neon-Glow 80’s Cool Rules FOR Manchester’s Wired Poppers


Bubble-gum-blowing days of youth meet the brooding cool of 80’s synth-pop as wired-in, Manchester four-piece, Sugarstone release their latest floor-filling single, Chasing Days. Nostalgia in thrilling overload, the ode to childhood set in pin-sharp pop and squidgy, retro beats is OUT NOW on Tri-Tone.

A world of modular synths and the dour glamour of early Depeche Mode is a happy planet and Chasing Days is every listener’s passport to visit that magic land, courtesy of Sugarstone. Running a race of one, the band’s previous 2021 single, Angel Boy, hit on ‘new rave’ references to further establish their reputation as the attention-worthy students of the electro-pop canon. Now Chasing Days cements their position, building complex pop monoliths with wires, buttons and guitars.



Sugarstone explain that the track’s lyrics are ‘reminisces on childhood, when your biggest worry was getting home before the streetlights came on’ and asking if life will ever be so simple again. Lines borrowed from Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan draw from the fantastical and unforgettable visions of other worlds, where childhood itself seems to drift from view, becoming a storybook, figments of imagination and detached from reality. Who wants to ever grow up?

Formed of Joe O’Haire on lead vocals and guitar, George Miller on lead guitar, Brandon Calvert on bass and Ben Wilson on all forms of percussion, Sugarstone’s glamourous robotics flickered into life in the steel and stone towns of Lancashire before they headed, as a fully formed unit, to the aspirational, big city. Together since 2017, the band has already shared stages with contemporaries including Calva Louise, Strange Bones and Kid Kapichi.