Swedish Pop star Boy in Space returns with new single







2024 sees the return of Swedish-born superstar Boy In Space as he braces for impact with new release ‘Atom Bomb’ out January 19th

Robin Lundbäck, who goes by the moniker Boy In Space, is no stranger to success, stacking up an impressive half a billion streams for his music to date. With the new year reigning in, he prepares for the release of ‘Atom Bomb’, an overtly cinematic masterstroke which will drive the re-launch of the Boy In Space persona. 

Sonic perfection that could suitably soundtrack any coming of age flick, ‘Atom Bomb’ soars into the stratosphere with a gripping build-up in its verses before bursting into crescendos of pop bliss. Written alongside regular collaborator Freddy Alexander, the track arrives after a period of years that Boy In Space pins as “the best and worst years of my life.” Coming face-to-face with physical struggles, multiple surgeries and wrestling with his own mental challenges of ADHD, a shift was needed in the way he approached both his personal life and musical journey. In arrives ‘Atom Bomb’: a welcomed reintroduction with quintessential Boy In Space qualities. 

Coming from a post-apocalyptic part of my life, it felt natural to write a song with the tone Atom Bomb has. Writing the lyrics I wanted to give a glance into parts of my life I usually don’t reveal, with a lot of questions and observations about what has happened and being left wondering why. Atom Bomb is a statement – that I’m back and ready to put my imprint on today’s pop sound.” – Boy In Space 



Boy In Space (Robin Lundbäck) achieved international success at a remarkably young age. After embarking on a world tour with his brothers, he transitioned to launch his solo career in 2018, solidifying his position on the global music scene. 

His distinctive voice, whimsical writing style, and versatile productions quickly captivated the pop world, leading to an impressive tally of over half a billion streams on Spotify alone. All the while maintaining independence as an artist and touring extensively in the United States and Europe. 

Looking ahead to 2024, Boy In Space is gearing up for a re-launch, armed with a new team, a fresh visual identity, and a wealth of new music. Collaborations include Alan WalkerThe Struts1MindToby GaddPink Sweat$Phoebe RyanJordan ShawNOTDShy MartinJohn NewmanRed TriangleNick FurlongRod WaveFreddy Alexander, among others. 

Atom Bomb is out January 19th.