System Of A Down with KoЯn Rock Viejas Arena in San Diego, California 2-1-2022



February 2022 started off with a hard rocking nu-metal party in San Diego as System Of A Down, and KoЯn, along with opening act, Russian Circles tore the roof off of the Viejas Arena. It was a beautiful night in San Diego for a concert. The weather was warm and the crowd was in great spirits. I was just happy to be out shooting a show again after what seemed like forever. It was good to be back shooting with friends.  

As you can tell from the photos, this was a soundboard shoot which wouldn’t have been so tough but it was a general admission floor and we were restricted from using monopods or little step stools. This made it impossible for me to use my long lens as it is very heavy and needs the stability of the monopod. It also meant that there was a fair amount of bumping and jostling and numerous smartphones in the air, but each time the lights went down and the band took the stage, all that went away and the sheer joy of shooting some great bands took over.



Mike Sullivan –  Guitar

Dave Tumcrantz – Drums

Brian Cook – Bass




1.)  X
2.) Prison Song
3.) Holy Mountains

I first heard (and saw) KoЯn because of the video for the song Freak on a Leash. I am a huge comic book fan and when the Todd McFarlane directed video came out, I watched it… a lot. I have always enjoyed seeing KoЯn live and this show was no different. The high energy performance and shout outs to San Diego and Ocean beach elicited raucous applause from the full arena. After photographing KoЯn from the photo pit many times over the years, the vantage point from the soundboard gave me a whole new view of their show. 



Jonathan Davis – Vocal, Bagpipes

Brian Welch – Lead guitar

James Shaffer – Bass

Ray Luzier – Drums

Ra Diaz – Bass




1.) Here to Stay
2.) Falling Away From Me
3.) Start the Healing
4.) Clown
5.) Rotting in Vain
6.) Shoots and Ladders (with Metallicas “One” snippets)
7.) Got the Life
8.) Coming Undone (With Queens “We Will Rock You” snippet)
9.) Y’All Want a Single
10.) Freak on a leash
11.) It’s On! / Trash / Did My Time
12.) Twist
13.) A.D.I.D.A.S (started in bridge)
14.) Blind

After a short break, System Of A Down took the stage in a blast of light and sound. That was the start of a 27 song set that kept the crowd on their feet till the show was over. The large stage setup with those huge panels light as background / over stage effects were put to good use keeping the energy high. My only regret was that we could only shoot the first three song as customary as there were some great visuals to go along with the music. 


Serj Tankian – Vocals,  Keyboards

Daron Malakian – Guitar, Vocals

Shavo Odadjian – Bass, Backing vocals

John Dolmayan – Drums




1.)  X
2.) Prison Song
3.) Holy Mountains
4.) Mind (Intro Only)
5.) Cigaro
6.) Suite-Pee
7.) Needles
8.) Deer Dance
9.) Soldier Side – Into
10.) Soldier Side
11.) B.Y.O.B
12.) Genocidal Humanoidz
13.) Suggestions
14.) Psycho
15.) Chop Suey
16.) Lonely Day
17.) Lost in Hollywood
18.) Radio/Video
19.) Dreaming (Middle breakdown only)
20.) Hypnotize
21.) ATWA
22.) Bounce
23.) Chic ‘N’ Stu
24.) Protect the Land
25.) Aerials
26.) Toxicity
27.) Sugar 


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