Texas Hippie Coalition’s Rado Romo Talks New Album, Faith Family Freedom, Weed, Jesus, And The Tuba December 13, 2023



I’ve seen thousands and thousands of bands in the live setting over the years, but I’ve seen very few that have left a mark like Texas Hippie Coalition. The strength of this band and its players was something to behold. I listened to 870 artists on Spotify in 2023, and Texas Hippie Coalition ended up at the very top of that list. Their music is sensational, as are the values that they stand for. On stage and off, this band is sheer perfection. They promote Faith Family and Freedom as if it were a battle cry, and I decided that I needed to get the full story of this awesome band.

Bassist Rado Romo is one of the nicest guys walking the earth, and in this interview he gives us his deepest thoughts on what Faith Family and Freedom mean to him and the band. He talks about the band’s latest record, The Name Lives On, and their producer Bob Marlette. He discusses starting his other band, Anti-Mortem, with his brother Nevada at age 11. He speaks out about growing up Mormon and his journey to Jesus Christ. He talks about his love of weed, his special relationship with fans, and what the future holds for Texas Hippie Coalition and Anti-Mortem.




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