The Band CAMINO Entertained Sold-out Crowd at The Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada on June 12, 2022



The Band CAMINO arrived in Toronto at The Danforth Music Hall on a Sunday night, June 12, 2022. It was their ninth stop in leg 2 of their tour following a successful first leg of their tour that ran from March and April. They released their long-awaited self-titled debut album last year after releasing a series of EPs and singles with acclaim from critics and fans. The sold-out Toronto crowd was ready to sing their hearts out to the Nashville-based pop-rockers. 


Alternative rock artist Games We Play, the music project of Emmyn Calleiro was the opener, and they brought tremendous energy to start the night. It was only a 6-song set, but Calleiro kept their set entertaining by interacting with the crowd with stories about the band, which caught the crowd’s attention. Nevertheless, Games We Play have great potential to be a long-lasting music act in the long run.




1. Shitting My Pants

2. Deadbeat

3. Cruise (Florida Georgia Line cover)

4. Kristina

5. Get A Job

6. I Hope You’re Happy


Next up was Canadian singer and songwriter Renforshort. In her hometown, she played an 11-song set featuring her mix of rock and bedroom pop tunes with her unique vocals. “lust to love” was a highlight of her set, as she interacted with the crowd with singalongs and hand motions, while the closer “i drive me mad” was a great ending to the set with a thumping chorus that got the crowd singing and moving. For the listeners who are indie-pop lovers, Renforshort is the artist you need to check out!




1. i miss myself

2. virtual reality

3. wannabe

4. made for u

5. lust to love

6. fuck, i luv my friends

7. will make this ok

8. idc

9. mosh pit

10. fall apart

11. i drive me mad


A tech engineer roared the crowd as he took out a Canada flag 15 minutes before the main headliner. Moments later, the lights turned black, signalling the arrival of The Band CAMINO. Jeffery Jordan, Spencer Stewart, and Garrison Burgess approached the stage to perform the opener, “Know It All.” The venue was rocking from the start as the crowd sang to every word with energy. Jordan admitted after the song opener that his voice sounded hoarse for tonight’s show due to performing many shows back-to-back, so he needed the audience’s help to sing. And the crowd didn’t disappoint. Their 21-song set featured the crowd singing their lungs out to the band’s delight. 

Stewart got the audience in awe with his high vocals during the final chorus in their latest single, “I Think I Like You.” He later showed his love for Toronto by wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey jersey for the rest of the night while performing “Never A Good Time.” With a mix of slow songs in the middle of the set, “What I Want” brought the energy back to the crowd’s singing before they ended the show with a bang with their notable hits, “1 Last Cigarette,” and “Daphne Blue.” For only their second time headlining Toronto, it is clear to see their popularity has grown exponentially since their first headliner in 2019. With a sold-out crowd last night, it is more than certain more fans will come out the next time they come back to Toronto. “We promise we will come back very very soon,” Jordan says. They will for sure return to Canada with a bigger crowd and following. 



Jeffery Jordan – Vocals, guitar

Spencer Stewart – Vocals, guitar

Garrison Burgess – Drummer

Reagan Renfrow (touring member) – Bass




1. Know It All

2. Roses


4. Less Than I Do

5. 2/14

6. I Think I Like You

7. Who Do You Think You Are?

8. Song About You

9. Underneath My Skin

10. Never A Good Time

11. Hush Hush

12. Just A Phase

13. Break Me

14. Damage

15. Know Me

16. Crying Over You

17. What I Want

18. Haunted

19. See Through

20. 1 Last Cigarette

21. Daphne Blue





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