THE BRANDY ALEXANDERS Release Video For 'Live By The Light'




Taken From Debut Album 
Out Today On Gypsy Soul Records


Today, the Brandy Alexanders release their powerful debut album. Their first effort creates a lysergic universe through their enigmatic, existential lyricism, expressed via dream-like vocals that weave themselves into a wall of totemic guitars and textured soundscapes. To celebrate the release, the band released the single ‘Live By The Light’ into the world; a celestial pop banger which encapsulates the band’s songwriting talents.

Like the most inspired projects, the record started its life as an EP, and gradually blossomed into the nine accomplished tracks. The record includes the fuzzy, blues-psych excursion ‘Shiram,‘ with its enigmatic lyrics that are flanked by totemic instrumentals. From the propulsive germanium psych ‘Ceiling Fan, Man’ to the jangle pop of ‘Conventional Lie,’ to the now-undeniable anthem, ‘Live By The Light,’ the record culminates in the 6-minute-long journey of ‘SpaceOpus,’ each song on this album has a unique energy and orchestration that immerses you in their world.



“Our album cover by Dave Krovblit is called ‘Radiation Siamese Twins,’” The Brandy Alexanders explain. “Dave is a phenomenal artist from California and after listening to our record, he picked this piece as the cover, which fits well with our spacy sound and the album closer ‘Spaceopus.’”

More on The Brandy Alexanders: 
Born into a family of tomato farmers, hailing from Windsor, Ontario, brothers Alex and Daniel Dick began their musical journey in high school. In 2016, after reading about an unassuming cocktail that got John Lennon and Harry Nillson ejected from The Troubadour in West Hollywood in 1974, The Brandy Alexanders were founded with Alex on lead vocals & guitar, and Daniel on keys / synths

The brothers are the creative machine behind the music and lyrics, often writing and demoing all the parts before bringing the songs to Sean Shepherd (Lead Guitar), Zack Vivier (Bass), and Robbie Cervi (Drums).  In 2019 The Brandy Alexanders caught the ear of Renan Yildizdogan (Gypsy Soul Records) at a club show at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, ON, and signed their first record deal. 




Ceiling Fan, Man


IDK What I’m Trying To Do

Hey Why’d You Do it 

Rear Window


Conventional Lie

Live By The Light









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