The Chats, The Chisel, Guantanamo Baywatch – BLOOD SWEAT AND BEERS at The Roundhouse, London, Saturday 27th May 2023






BLOOD, SWEAT AND BEERS is the only way to express how this night went, I can’t lie I’d never heard of any of these bands before attending this event, I watched a few videos on YouTube and listened to some songs to get a feel for what it would be like. Being there in person it was completely headbanging and I loved every minute.

Kicking the night off was Guantanamo Baywatch, personally I thought they were static, the crowd wasn’t buzzing too much to start with, some balloons being thrown around but nothing too exciting, however towards the end of their set it started to come alive, and the crowd started warming up.


Line up:

Guitarist/Vocalist: Jason Powell

Bassist: Chevelle Wiseman

Drummer: Christopher Scott


Set List:

1/ Raunch Stop

2/ Pina Colada

3/ Oh Rats!

4/ Mesa, AZ

5/ Sad For You

6/ Barbacoa

7/ Boy Like Me

8/ Surfer Slide

9/ Too Late

10/ Rebel


Next up we had London’s own band The Chisel, and my word they brought energy and whole lot of punk rock, this place just erupted out of nowhere, beer started flying everywhere, the crowd surfing was in full swing, it basically turned into a complete mosh pit, the atmosphere completely flipped, they had some technical difficulties on the first song, which everyone found amusing, but that didn’t take too long to sort out and the show continued. This band really know how to put on a show, I got real IDLES vibes from them, and we all know that’s not a bad thing.


Line Up:

Vocalist: Cal Graham

Guitarist: Charlie “Chubby” Manning from Chubby and the gang

Guitarist: Luke Younger “HELM”

Bassist: Jean De L’arbalete

Drummer: Lee Munday



The moment the whole of roundhouse had been waiting for, all the way from the sunshine coast of Queensland Australia THE CHATS!

Just when you think this night couldn’t get any more wild, well it did, the chats certainly know how to hype a crowd and take it to that next level, over 3000 limbs went absolutely crazy.

The beer was everywhere, in the air, over the photographers, the crowd, security, even being thrown onto the stage, mosh pits went wild, absolute carnage is the only words to explain how this went down.

To sum this up at one point I stood in one spot, look behind me someone is throwing up in a bin, I look in front of me someone is hugging a pole, to my left a women topless just living her best life, to my right a guy on the floor being rescued by security, blood all over his face, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a few broken limps, the whole of  roundhouse was completely wasted, a proper bit of old fashion punk rock and roll.


Line Up:

Vocalist/Bassist: Eamon Sandwith

Drummer: Matt Boggis

Guitarist: Josh Hardy



Set List:

1/ Nambored

2/ Billy Backwash’s Day

3/ Dead on Site

4/ 6L GTR

5/ Ross River

6/ Emperor of the Beach

7/ Out on the Street

8/ The Kids Need Guns

9/ Stinker

10/ Drunk n Disorderly

11/ Southport Superman

12/ Panic Attack

13/ Casualty

14/ Nazi March

15/ Struck by Lightning

16/ Ticket Inspector

17/ The Price of Smokes

18/ Paid Late

19/ I’ve Been Drunk in Every Pub in Brisbane

20/ Getting Better

21/ Temperature

22/ Identity Theft

23/ Smoko

24/ Pub Feed