The Jaded Hearts Club “You’ve Always Been Here” Album Review


Its Dirty, Its Soulful, It Rocks

Stella McCartney had an idea….

  1. Take a few real icons of indie rock, (who are also members of some my favourite bands), for example, MILES KANE (Last Shadow Puppets), GRAHAM COXON (Blur), MATT BELLAMY (Muse), NIC CESTER (Jet) , SEAN PAYNE (Zutons).
  2. Add in JAMIE DAVIS from Graham Coxon’s side project Transcopic.
  3. Call the band JADED HEARTS CLUB, (initially named Dr. Pepper’s Jaded Hearts Club Band, a respectful nod to the The Beatles 1967 album Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band).
  4. Stick them all in a studio and let them rip into some classic Northern Soul and Rock and Roll covers…

What could possibly go wrong? Well, it’s time to find out.


As they release their debut long player “YOU’VE ALWAYS BEEN HERE”, with such serious rock and roll credentials, would the synergy add up to it’s potential and really be the sum of all its parts? Well, I bloody hope so, because I am pretty excited to listen to this one.

The album kicks off with 59 seconds of a crackling piano version of Dame Vera Lyn’s world war 2 anthem “Well Meet Again” sung quite beautifully by Matt Bellamy.

Then it’s a foot stomping, pumping rock and roll screaming version of The Four Tops classic “Reach Out, I’ll be there” Nic Cester vocals on this is nothing but perfect and sounds amazing.



The next track is “Have Love, Will Travel” originally written in 1959  by Richard Berry (who also wrote Louie Louie), but the version I know is by the Sonics released in 1965 and I guess the Jaded Hearts club version sits closer to that version. But don’t get me wrong, the Jaded Hearts club have made this their own. With Miles Kane taking up the lead vocals, it’s pure 60’s rock and roll recorded in 2020 with dirty fuzzy guitars and that classic Gretsch sound.

 “This Love Starved Heart of Mine (It’s Killing Me)”, follows. A lesser-known Marvin Gaye song recorded in 1967. Jamie Davis says of the song: “As soon as I heard ‘This Love Starved Heart of Mine’ I knew Nic Cester from Jet is one of the few people who could actually sing it. Nic’s vocal has that gut-wrenching on-pitch scream and raw charisma that provide the driving power needed. The track is like a runaway train – big, brassy, brash… a soul classic.” And you know what, I couldn’t have put it any better, so I won’t, that sums up this track perfectly.

‘Nobody But Me’, a take on The Isley Brothers’ 1962 song is next. Just as soulful, but far more rock and roll; a high energy rollicking good time, with Miles Kane taking the lead and classic 60’s harmonizing from the rest of the band and a cool screeching guitar break for good measure.



The Shocking Blue track “Long And Lonesome Road” is the next cab off the rank. I’m not familiar with the original version of this track, but the way the Jaded Hearts Club deliver it is good enough for me. Nic Cester’s voice sounds like this track was written for him and the guitar work really stands out on this track along with the rumbling, rolling drums. This track had a very Northern Soul feel to it. Bowling shoes and an all-nighter anyone?

Nik Cester holds on to the mic as they slow it down for the Scremin Jay Hawkins “I Put a Spell On You”, a wailingly soulful, screeching guitar, brilliantly bluesy number.

“Money” by Barrett Strong is up next. Most people, most likely know the insipid Flying Lizards version from the 80’s but let me tell you folks, this is the way it’s meant to sound, as Miles Kane’s growls his way through this classic bit of 60’s pop.

Another Isley Brothers classic is up next “Why When The Love Is Gone” and this is a stomper with Nic back on vocals, and I have to say at this point Nic Cester vocal work has been exceptional on every track. I don’t think I have heard him sound better. This versions retains all the beauty and feel of the original, with that Jaded Hearts edge that has been prominent throughout this record.

Miles Kane brings us the Northern Soul dance floor filler “Loves Gone Bad” by Chris Clark. Kane’s vocals are full of energy and swagger on this one and even though he has sounded great on all the tracks, it’s on this one he really shines and in the words of the man himself “Love’s Gone Bad, a rare Northern soul stomper that we dug from the underground. We beefed it up and gave it golden wings with matching loafers! Be prepared to dance!”


The album ends the same way it started with Matt Bellamy taking up the lead vocal duty this time it’s Peggy Lee’s “Fever” all clicking fingers, whispered vocals and bouncing bass, brilliant stuff and a great way to end what has been a been a brilliant ride.

So, get your leather jacket out and put your Chelsea boots on, or if you prefer bowling shoes and blue denim flares, either will work just fine, this is a gem of a record, its dirty, its soulful, it rocks and I F&*king loved it.


You’ve Always Been Here Tracklist:

01. We’ll Meet Again
02. Reach Out I’ll Be There
03. Have Love Will Travel
04. This Love Starved Heart Of Mine
05. Nobody But Me
06. Long And Lonesome Road
07. I Put A Spell On You
08. Money
09. Why When The Love Is Gone
10. Love’s Gone Bad
11. Fever


Review by Desh Kapur 10/10


Release date: Friday, October 2nd 2020