The Nagging Doubts. Double A sided single “Berlin / Marine” Review



Released 13 October 2020 on Scenic drive records


Taken from their forthcoming and second EP release “Autocalm” due out next year this double A sided single showcases new material from Sydney post punk five piece “The Nagging Doubts”. Proving yet again that Aussies really did pay attention to the music of the eighties and nineties “The Nagging Doubts” deliver two contrasting tracks that really are evocative of that era. “Berlin” is up tempo and urgent with strong under currents of The Cure which would, to my ear work well as indie-film soundtrack material while what is effectively a power ballad “Marine” occupies the flip side.

Both perspectives are competent and well book-ended but against my better sensibilities “Marine” pips “Berlin” to best track status. Why? Well because it just moves the soul that little bit more and manages to raise a hair or two with an especially pleasing and measured outro. Soaring and treble tweaked guitars driving that one home. Funnily enough I could see this being an absolute monster anthem hit in bonny Scotland where they go bats for this sort of thing. So there is all to play for here. We’ll know more when “Autocalm” releases soon but early snippets are definitely cause for optimism for “The Nagging Doubts”.



Autocalm by The Nagging Doubts is due in early 2021.








Review by Von Goloka