The Nielsen Trust Band at the Genesee Theatre in Waukegan, Illinois January 22, 2022




The Nielsen Trust band rocked the Genesee Theatre in Waukegan Illinois Saturday Jan 22, 2022. Despite the below freezing temperatures and prediction of snow later that night, a bunch of fans and friends came out for a great night of music! As you drive down the street of the Genesee Theatre you’ll still see trees strung with Christmas lights lining either side! This along with the old theaters glowing marque is alway a beautiful sight!

First off I should bring you up to date on exactly who we are talking about here! As you probably guessed main culprit of this band is the rock legend Rick Nielsen of the band Cheap Trick from Rockford IL! Rick is joined by his son Daxx on drums (who also currently plays with Cheap Trick), his son Miles (who has his own solo band called Miles Nielsen and The Rusted Hearts) and Miles wife Kelly Steward (who has a successful career as a singer songwriter)! They officially started a band to jam together called The Nielsen Trust or TNT for short!

Their shows along with the one at the Genesee Theatre are filled with Cheap Trick tunes, solo tunes, hits by other bands and even a folk version of a Cheap Trick tune or two! On stage banter and story telling is always fun but maybe even more so when they are actually family! I personally loved the story about Rick Nielsen not wanting to be called Grandpa so they call him Grumpy instead! Also with them being a local band, as in from Rockford IL they tend to know a lot of people at their shows, in IL at least! It was cool to hear them call out names of a handful of people they knew were at the show! It was a very personal show full of great music, great stories and laughs! 



Rick Nielsen – Guitar / Vocals

Miles Nielsen – Vocals / Guitar

Daxx Nielsen – Drums / Vocals

Kelly StewardVocals






  1. Just Got Back
  2. So Good to See You
  3. He’s a 
  4. Borderline
  5. Didn’t Know I Had It
  6. Take Me I’m Yours
  7. Tonight It’s You
  8. Need Your Love
  9. Southern Girl
  10. Worlds Greatest Lover
  11. Shine Your Light
  12. Over The Moon
  13. Surrender
  14. Can’t Hold On
  15. Downed
  16. I Want You to Want Me
  17. Invaders of the Heat
  18. California Man
  19. Goodnight





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