The Vamps And The Aces at M&S Bank Arena Liverpool 07/12/22





London band ‘The Vamps’ are undertaking a world tour, celebrating ten years of their greatest hits. They’re bringing the old and new to M&S Bank Arena to put on an unforgettable show for Liverpool tonight. The Vamps are a band that I personally grew up with and after losing touch with their music I’m excited to reconnect with it tonight for many nostalgic classics as well as fresh and new music.

First on tonights bill is young singer/ songwriter Henry Moodie. After his popularity and dramatic growth on Tik Tok, he has built up a devoted set of fans that bring eagerness and warmth to his shows. While it’s his only released song, the words to ‘You Were There For Me’ echoed back to him from the audience. The crowd resonated with his lyrics and keenly repeated them with, lights waving through the air to fill the venue.

His manager joined him on stage to play guitar for a cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space.’ It demanded everyone’s attention while Henry directed them to sing back for him. He controlled the stage, and while only a short set, was certainly a memorable performance.



The Aces were up next who jumped on the stage ready to put on a show. The girl band jumped into their set with ‘Girls Make Me Wanna Die.’ The lead singer ‘Cristal Ramirez’ bounced her head as she marched up and down the runway to sing to the crowd. They sang every word back as she kneeled in front of them shouting each song with fire. ‘My Phone Is Trying To Kill Me’ was an especially energetic tune as she got everyone to sing alongside her. The bands jumpy energy on stage certainly kept everyone on their toes and hyped them up for the main event. After tonights showing The Aces are band that are really going places, believe me!



The Vamps took their places behind a curtain to a frenzy of screams and cheers. As it dropped, they only grew louder as ‘Last Night’ began to ring through the arena. Everyone bounced to this energetic opener as the band members made their way down from a grand podium. Lead singer ‘Bradley Simpson’ made his way across a runway for the next song ‘Girls On TV.’ He belted out the words amongst the crowd while a sea of arms reached to grab his hand. Whilst still having the power and influence of an arena show, he got intimate as he crouched to interact with the mass of fans dying to connect even more with their favourite band. They reluctantly let him take his place back with the band as thousands of phones followed his every move. Brad jumped across every inch of the stage, enjoying every second of the show with a grin on his face. 

They took a break to address the crowd and recover from an explosive entrance full of energy and passion. 

As they resumed their set, the rest of the band joined in with Brad’s enthusiasm, making their way up and down the stage. Bassist Connor Ball joined drums on their podium for a lively interaction and a fist bump before returning to the fans to continue entertaining everyone here to see them.

‘Can We Dance’ from their first album ‘Meet The Vamps’ immediately threw me back to 2014. My nine year old self listening to whatever was popular and this nostalgic song got me hyped up. 

Not only did these throw backs get everyone moving, their latest releases such as ‘Would You’ kept the audience shouting back the words to the much loved band who entertained them all in disbelief. 

They ended the night on yet another fan favourite hit ‘Somebody To You.’ The crowd surprised me, giving it even more than they had already leaving the room buzzing in excitement.

Nobody left tonight’s show let down, they came away with way more than they anticipated with each and every song running through their heads. The elevated crowds made their way outside, going crazy for what they’ve just been a part of.




1) Last Night2) Girls On Tv3) Rest Your Love 4) Cheater5) Wild Heart6) Hurricane 7) Shades On8) Middle Of The Night9) Wake Up10) Just My Type11) Too Good To Be True 12) Would You13) Seat At The Table14) Can We Dance15) Missing You16) Married At Vegas17) Risk It All


18) All Night19) Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart)20) Lovestruck 21) Somebody To You