The Zangwills Home Town Headline @ the Chester Live Rooms, Chester Friday 17th November 2022






The Zangwills ARE one of my favourite bands and it’s been way too long since I last saw them back in February at their sold out headline at Club Academy, Manchester. This may not seem that long ago but with a band like the Zangwills you just need to keep seeing them more! So I simply cannot wait for tonight and a home town headline always ups the feels! I’ve seen the Zangwills many many times and honestly they never fail to deliver and bring with them a mass following of enthusiastic fans who come from all over to see this eclectic and energetic band. Support tonight comes in the form of Fright Years and Match Fxing.

First support – Fright Years

Opening for us tonight is 4 piece, Edinburgh based Fright Years. An utterly shimmering, glittering musical explosion of dream pop mixed with indie, electro and dare I say even a hint of prog rock (in the way that their songs build slowly into somewhat of a cascading masterpiece). A very tight performance, completely watchable and a brilliant feel good effect is produced throughout and passed down from band to crowd. Feels are slight 80s retro, but echoey, dreamy and sparkling indie sounds, think jangly The Cure type guitars. Electro and synth mesh with the sounds seamlessly with the most beguiling vocal floating stunningly on top. A mesmerising set, very compelling and easy to get lost within. Striking drum beats, powerhouse vocal and driving guitars with that high vibe key sound all work perfectly. My first encounter with Fright Years tonight, it won’t be my last; of this I’ll do my utmost! Very impressed. Top notch performance.



Second support – Match Fixing

Sam McLaughlin – lead guitar/vocals

Stan Lewis – bass

Will McKay – drums

Sarah Stevenson – rhythm guitar/vocals


I’ve seen Match Fixing before in a local pub venue and they made a huge impact, so on this larger stage in a far bigger venue, well – epic impact! These guys truly make their presence felt, in spades! Such a force of musical power and nature! It’s honestly like being in the eye of a musical storm that’s been gathering momentum for days. This sound hits us hard! Beats are rocket fired at us, guitars are earthy and rich and cut through the sound, bass lines soar like musical birds of prey whilst the vocal is low, growling and angry, then powerful and strong; it all feels so heartfelt, honest and intense. I get indie, alt, grunge and rock feels; so many genres and styles are fused into Match Fixing’s sound and so impeccably performed it just leaves us feeling like something huge just happened. The addition of Sarah since I last saw them really adds to the feels, vocally the combination of male and female brings a whole other dimension and works brilliantly. Match Fixing are ones to watch. Stand out performance tonight; it does feel like we witnessed magic being made and that big things are coming.


Set list

1.) Tommy

2.) Absent mind

3.) Spaceman

4.) Architect

5.) Call me Maybe (cover)

6.) The devil lies

7.) Our society



The Zangwills – headline

Jake Vickers – guitar/lead vocal

Sam Davies – lead guitar

Ed Rowling – bass

Adam Spence – drums/backing vocals


Any and all Zangwills gigs ARE incredible, no matter the size or venue; it’s just the best kind of a gig, but tonight’s has the promise of new songs, never before performed, so we are now ready for our glorious and wonderfully eclectic headliners.

Beginning with the promised new material, in an utter flurry of atmosphere, this new track feels darker, and eerie and is completely captivating. The Zangwills have always had that edgy sound, mixed with a quirkiness and coolness, but this has yet another side to it; it’s still identifiable as theirs, but somehow is more intense and seems to delve deeper, and as an audience it really draws us in. Performance is as ever pure brilliance, the energy these guys give is always to be commended. Joined on stage by Jess Lees, providing some backing vocals and percussion, it must be said she gives equal energy and rocks throughout tonight’s set. Drumming can only be described as a galloping horse, beating hooves hitting solid ground, and as a drummer Adam is a joy to watch; he has to have the best drummer faces going! It’s clear the fun he s having up there! This whole band is effortless and looks like they’re just having the best time; it’s infectious, and you just can’t not smile, sing along and bounce in time.

Jake, our front man, oozes style, demonstrating all the moves and often balancing on one leg whilst playing guitar or keys; his now well known “teapot” hand on hip and arm outstretched move is often on display and the followers love it. His vocal prowess is commanding, from haunting and deep to loud, far reaching and that wonderful gravel tone. Melodic bass lines feel free and easy, yet anchor down the sound and really build on the feels of every song performed as Ed swings his guitar about. Sam’s guitar lines go from glittering and jangling to high flying instrumentals, which again seem effortless.



A very full set list of new tracks and classics is performed with real punch and gusto and as ever the time just flies by. The crowd has been alive, eating up every word and devouring these sounds created from beginning to end. A pulsating mosh pit has been in action and this entire venue has been a sea of bobbing heads; it never fails, honestly, the Zangwills ignite something each and every time. What they create on stage is very special and as a crowd we just get swept away in this feel good and lively performance. I’ve said this before, but what the Zangwills bring to their shows should be bottled, it’s so feel good and creates pure joy. Another mind blowing gig! If there’s one band everyone should go see live it’s the Zangwills, you just can’t not love them!


Set List:


1.) Collision

2.) Call

3.) Walking on a wire

4.) Spielberg Sweethearts

5.) Patio Paradise

6.) Sunlight at Midnight

7.) The Horrors of Sobriety

8.) 212

9.) Judas on the Dance floor

10.) She’s so New

11.) Could I

12.) The feeling

13.) Never looked back

14.) Backpatters and Shooters

15.) Hope

16.) Lipstick River

17.) New Heights