Tom Walker hands over power to the fans & goes viral on TikTok with new single 'The Best Is Yet To Come'…



Hands Over Power To The Fans
& Goes Viral on TikTok With New Single 
The Best Is Yet To Come



Following his previous viral hit ‘Number 10’ which so powerfully articulated the nation’s feelings on Partygate, Tom Walker has struck a chord with people across the world once again as he goes viral with new track ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ –

Tom is known for teasing his fans with newly written songs on TikTok and in the past couple of weeks has had an overwhelming response to one track in particular. What started as a verse quickly turned into ‘verse 2’, shortly followed by a full version as requested by Tom’s audience, with Tom eventually handing power to the fans and allowing them to name the song. Yet another impeccable example of Tom’s relationship with his fanbase. You can listen to its final version from Tik Tok HERE.

The song has prompted a huge outpouring with people sharing their own stories on how and why the track resonates with them. From the relationship struggles between a mother & daughter, to a couple expecting their first baby, the song has seen hugely emotional responses across all social media, showing how deeply the song is connecting



Since its upload last Thursday, the video of the full song has had over 3 million views, 20,000 tags, over 29,000 video saves & over 26,000 shares. Last week Tom posted the pre-save & it now has over 4,500 pre-saves on Spotify & Apple Music.

Tom, whose global streams have passed three billion and has sold over two million albums worldwide, was the biggest selling UK signed artist of 2019 and is now working on the follow up to his No.1 platinum debut ‘What A Time To Be Alive’.