I had the pleasure of visiting what has got to be one of the best music venues in Sheffield for this year’s fringe event at Tramlines. Sidney & Matilda was opened in 2018 and since then the promoters of the venue have led the way in supporting independent grass root shows.

This year’s event showcased a great eclectic mix of music from some of Sheffield’s rising independent music stars, I managed to see Mat Hook, a great vocalist and song writer who’s been involved with Sheffield music scene for almost 20 years. Sweet Beast are new comer to the scene, but are making great headways and creating some noise here in Sheffield.

I also managed to catch up with some of Sheffield’s dance music events, Factor 50 and Gumbo FM DJs, both very different styles varying from house, trance, and drum and bass, soul, disco.


Mat Hook is an English singer-songwriter, re-entering the live and recorded music scene after being the frontman of Sheffield indie rock band ‘Kartica’ between 2008-2014. Those days saw sold out gigs, international press and celebrity endorsements, now it’s a quieter and less hyped approach as he returns with acoustic live shows and a live single recording.

I arrived at the venue around 7pm to catch Mat hook and his band play thought some great songs. He played his song Runaway Road; this his debut studio solo single it will be released on all platforms on Friday 18th August. So be sure to give it la listen. Its also nice to see a musician who’s not afraid to cover a few songs like “Live Forever” by “Oasis,” and When You Were Young by “The Killers”. Mat Hook and his band were really well received by the audience gathered down stairs in the basement, and hE looked really happy to be performing again after being absent from the music scene for a while.

I look forward to seeing Mat Hook play again this year, he and his band are a nice friendly bunch, and definitely ones to watch out for this year, so get out and catch them live if you can.


Mat Hook Set List

1/ Suspended Belief

2/ Dare To Dream

3/ When You Were Young (The Killers)

4/ Don’t You Think So

5/ Runaway Road (new single)

6/ Alone You Go

7/ Back In My Seat

8/ Live Forever (Oasis)


Introducing Sweet Beast, the dynamic rock trio from Sheffield. With a blend of catchy melodies, powerful vocal harmonies, and an infectious energy, they create a sound that is both unique and captivating. Sweet Beast performances are always engaging, with tight-knit chemistry, hooks, and harmonies. Sweet Beast are gearing up to release their debut EP this summer with a collection of songs that showcase their musical growth and distinctive style, with a nod to their rock roots and a touch of contemporary edge.

The band have a 4 track EP coming out called ‘Good Times’ Track listing is Find a Way, What You Say, The Others, Good times.

I have been wanting to see Sweet Beast play live since there change in line up. I was not sure what to expect since the departure of their vocalist, I was not disappointed. The band have really matured musically, they are as lively as ever on stage, this makes for a great show. Each member casts their own personality into the performance, and they really enjoy playing.

There was a good attendance for the band down stairs, who played tracks form there EP. Find away is there new single. It’s a catchy number with great guitar riffs, a nice melody and a happy feel-good factor, the band also share vocals, which is nice. This went down a storm with audience.



Factor 50 were back at Sidney & Matilda for this year’s The Other Festival – taking over the basement for a night packed with rolling house, techno and trance. Residents 97/98 were joined by Fetamorphosis and Colettee, who both made their Factor 50 debuts at the 1st anniversary day party in June. Celebrating a years’ worth of events at Sidney & Matilda, the profits from the party went towards the charity Sheffield Mind. The 1st anniversary party stretched upon multiple rooms at the city centre venue and welcomed a wide range of talented Sheffield DJs and collectives. With the sun shining and the tunes blaring, it was certainly a day to remember in the calendar. Looking ahead to the future, Factor 50 are excited to continue a long standing and successful relationship with Sidney & Matilda. Stay tuned for more.



For nearly 10 years Gumbo FM has supported a wide selection of good causes across Sheffield including; Well established Sheffield Charities Community festivals Social enterprises Up and coming musicians Local DJing collectives We are a not for profit community radio station and we have been hit hard by the cost of living crisis An 800% rise in our bills has made putting on radio shows and maintaining our equipment very challenging which has made it difficult to continue to support all the good causes that we would like to help. Being in the community and being part of the community is what we want to keep on doing!

I have to say I had a great time at both these events, the vibe was friendly, the music excellent, its always nice to hear dance music classics and new stuff, and the odd late night never hurt anyone. I would advise any readers looking for a good night out in Sheffield to check them both out.

Overall “The Other Festival “was a great show, a really friendly environment, and above all it’s a safe one too. I congratulate the promoters of the event for putting on a wonderfully wide ranging mix of talented artists, and look forward to next year.