Unprocessed release new album + single/ video “Berlin”




new album Gold out now

+ new single/ video “Berlin”

– “ Berlin” marks the band’s first single recorded entirely in German

+ currently on US tour with Polyphia


One of the most unique acts in metal today, Unprocessed, have released their new album Gold via Spinefarm 

Led by singer/guitarist Manuel Gardner, – contemporary electric guitar virtuoso and internet star – Unprocessed combine strong melody with rhythmic and technical song-writing. With Gold the quartet have truly created their own genre within heavy music.  

In celebration, the band have released a video for new single “Berlin”– 

Written and recorded entirely in German, “Berlin” is “about a kind of love-hate relationship with this city,” explains bassist David Levy. “I lived there for two years. Berlin is known for its excessive party scene and the dark-brutal vibes that also characterize this city. Musically we tried to combine our sound with a certain techno/industrial influence that reflects the heaviness and anxiety of Berlin.” 

Manuel adds, “The overall theme and vibe of the song just demanded for lyrics that are different from our other songs – we always look for ways to innovate in our art. Using our mother tongue matches it perfectly!” 



GOLD –Track list: 
4. Orange Grove  
5. Mint  
6. Snake 
7. Closer  
8. Velvet  
9. Scorpio  
10. Dinner  
11. The Game  
12. Ocean  
13. Fabulist  
14. Portrait  
15. Berlin 
16. Gold 









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