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Release new single ‘Oblivion’
German post-hardcore experience VENUES have released their brand new single Oblivion‘ following their critically acclaimed album »Solace« and previous singles ‘Reflections‘, ‘Cravings‘ & ‘Haunted House’.
The highly anticipated new single ‘Oblivion‘ has just hit the airwaves, promising listeners an intimate journey through the intricate landscape of mental and emotional turmoil. The poignant lyrics unravel a compelling narrative of intense internal struggle, a reflection of the profound challenges tied to mental health issues and other overwhelming life obstacles.
Listeners are invited to a raw and unfiltered exploration of despair contrasted starkly with elements of hope and the innate human desire for transformation. The song delves into the ambiguous and non-linear path of healing, underscoring the intricate dance between the darkness of struggle and the light of recovery.
The universal appeal of the new single lies in its relatability – the narrative, though deeply personal, resonates on a universal frequency, inviting each listener to attribute their own meanings and connections based on individual experiences and emotions. Stay tuned as this single is expected to not only climb the charts but also foster deeper conversations about mental health, resilience, and the enigmatic journey to self-recovery and empowerment.
For their most recent album VENUES went into the studio with producer Christoph Wieczorek (Annisokay) to record »Solace«, who coated their massive sound with a metallic alloy of remarkable precision.

“We wanted to be more metal,” Robin comments.“There were some pop sensibilities of Aspire we wanted to replace with rather the opposite.”
Melody and punch-drunk heaviness, metal and alternative rock, zeitgeist and authenticity, barbed choruses and unleashed creativity: with their soaring sophomore release, VENUES fulfill every single promise they gave on »Aspire«.
“2020 showed all of us how much the band is helping us keep our sanity,” vocalist Robin muses. “Almost the whole band went through minor or medium crises since the release of our debut. Relationships went sour, things were ended and begun. In times like these, our second album was the light at the end of the tunnel. Something we all could look forward to. Our music held our heads above water.”


It’s a big leap, going from »Aspire« to »Solace«, and it’s a logical one, too. Ten songs, ten exorcisms of negative energy, ten lifesavers.





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