Voodoo Moonshine Ready To Release 2nd Album “Bottom Of The Barrel”


A call was received at the beginning of July from Ronny Hoxie the editor of Flirt Magazine out of the Northeast. Flirt needed a photoshoot of a band for their publication and they were getting together in Florida. The band was Voodoo Moonshine. They were coming to Central Florida to rehearse and work on their new album, “Bottom of the Barrel”. The gig seemed clean and easy. One to Two-hour photo shoot with a band anxious to get images. For MarkHoran.Pictures LLC it was no problem.

I reached out to Jeff Losawyer, the founder and songwriter of Voodoo Moonshine to set up the details before his arrival from the Atlanta area. The back and forth went on up until the day of the shoot 3 weeks later. We hit it off. After research, some back and forth, and band input the mood of the images were determined. Locations were discussed and finalized. The more I researched and listened to the material for the new album, the more I knew Voodoo Moonshine would become a story that would intrigue our readers. The story was easy as I became a fan of the band and their music.

Voodoo Moonshine was founded in 2005.Their initial album titled “Decade of Decay” was released in March of that year. Singles charted well across Europe and Japan. By September, the band went back to writing and planned a second release “Bottom of The Barrel”. Unfortunately, life and the financial crisis delayed the second album and it wasn’t realized until now, some 12 years later. With a burning desire to move forward, Jeff Losawyer decided to keep Voodoo Moonshine alive.


Losawyer decided to contact Pedro Espada, the lead singer in the Orlando, Florida cover band Rockit Fly. After seeing him sing on the internet on YouTube videos singing Karaoke covers of Journey, Skid Row, and SteelHeart. Jeff persistently reached out, but his attempts went ignored. Later while interviewing Espada, Pedro described his resistance, “You know there are a lot of creeps on the internet”. After finally getting together Jeffery LaRoche was added on guitar and Thomas Ray Neeley on bass. Both artists are former members of Espada’s cover band Rockit Fly. Lastly, Eddie Cruise from the Daytona Beach cover band Star SixtyNine was added on drums for his drumming and vocals.

The bonus of the photo shoot was the invitation to attend the live streaming session at Studio Live USA in Oviedo, Florida the following night. There I had the chance to shoot the band in a live concert setting. For a studio shoot, I was impressed beyond belief as the performance was spectacular and there wasn’t a live audience in attendance. Voodoo Moonshine is the real deal. I can’t wait until live music returns and I get a chance to experience this bands energy and a show before a live audience on a bigger stage. This is a band you want to mark down and see as soon as you have the chance.


Bottom of the Barrel tracks (Not in order)

Bring it Down

Give It To Me

Round & Round

Swallow My Pride

Sometimes Ya Just Wanna —

What a Way To Go

Eden in Your Eyes

Rise Free

Two more tracks to be added.


Voodoo Moonshine What a way to go “Quarantine video”




Pedro Espada  Vocals
Jeff Losawyer  Guitar
Jeffery LaRoche  Guitar
Thomas Ray Neeley Bass
Eddie Cruise  Drums
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