Wesley Gonzalez Shares Christmas single ‘Red Man Is Back Again (With A Lonely Dose of Pain)




DIY indie punk turned pop sophisticate, Wesley Gonzalez is today sharing new Christmas single ‘Red Man Is Back Again (With A Lonely Dose of Pain)’.

This comes after his second album ‘Appalling Human’ was released earlier this year via Moshi Moshi.

Of the single and its accompanying video, Wesley said: “When approaching the video for ‘Red Man Is Back Again (With A Lonely Dose Of Pain)’, it seemed obvious to visually represent an actual Red Man but what kind? Santa Claus seemed obvious, The Devil too, so we decided to go for a pissed up Freddy Kruger character, he’s your bastard uncle.

Watch ‘Red Man Is Back Again (With A Lonely Dose of Pain)’ below.



Danny the director and I discussed how we would approach the visuals and decided to try and go for an ambient yuletide, with little obvious references apart from referencing Christmas horror films and The Krampus, the central European Goat Demon who punishes children.”


About Wesley Gonzalez:

London’s Wesley Gonzalez first made a name for himself as the leader of Let’s Wrestle, whose tuneful and eccentric punk earned critical accolades and a small but devoted audience with three full-lengths, including 2011’s Steve Albini produced ‘Nursing Home’.

Gonzalez wasted little time forging a solo career for himself in the wake of his former band’s demise. He assembled a live band for his solo work. and expanded from the guitar-driven music of his former band. He fielded an interesting concoction of classic 70’s pop, soul, and indie rock, which he described as being influenced by Donny Hathaway and Sly & the Family Stone. Gonzalez released his debut solo record ‘Excellent Musician’, in 2017, then a follow-up LP ‘Appalling Human’ in June 2020.