Wolfgang Van Halen Delivers A Mammoth Performance At The Plaza Live In Orlando Florida, October 1, 2021




The Plaza Live is back in full swing having recently hosted the likes of Myles Kennedy, Geoff Tate and Rival Sons. Tonight it was Mammoth WVH’s turn and you’d better believe they were here to make a statement. Before diving into tonight’s event, a little backstory is in order. When it comes to being exposed to musical influences early in life it would be difficult to find someone to compete with Wolfgang Van Halen. Whether it was watching his father Eddie rehearse or playing on Uncle Alex’s drum kit, Wolfgang’s destiny was never in question. In 2006, at the age of 15, Wolfgang replaced bassist Michael Anthony  in Van Halen. By this time he had already mastered the drums, guitar, bass and keyboards. Throw in the fact that he is also an accomplished vocalist and you have the complete package.



Around 2015 Wolfgang embarked on his first solo project. The next 6 years would prove to be both heartbreaking and rewarding. In late 2020 Wolfgang released the single “The Distance” as a tribute to his father who passed away a month earlier. 2021 brought the release of Wolfgang’s 1st album “Mammoth WVH” which also became the name of his solo project. Not only did he write all of the songs, but he also performed all of the instrumentals and vocals. The name Mammoth is also very significant as it was the name Van Halen used prior to changing it to Van Halen.

I arrived an hour early and saw that the line was already wrapped around the building. As I waited to pick up my pass I overheard a fan pleading with the attendant for one ticket. After being told it was sold out, the guy left and began searching for anyone with an extra ticket. The huge outpouring of fans resulted in the set time being pushed back from 8 pm to 9 pm. While waiting for the show to start I noticed that many of the stage speakers displayed the familiar “EVH” and “5150” logos. The mic stands also had a plentiful supply of Mammoth WVH guitar picks that would inevitably become souvenirs for a few lucky fans.



The crowd erupted as the lights went out and the band took the stage. Wolfgang and company went right into the dynamic “Don’t Back Down” which became one of my favorites as soon as I saw the awesome video in which 4 versions of Wolfgang come together to produce this awesome song. Mammoth WVH’s 4-piece touring band was on point and allowed Wolfgang to focus solely on his vocals and guitar work. My absolute favorite Mammoth WVH song is “Think It Over” and apparently I’m in good company. As a prelude to this song Wolfgang told the crowd that it was his father’s favorite song. The encore started out with “Distance” and you could really get a sense of the passion and emotion that went into this song. The night concluded with “Epiphany.” The talent and accomplishments that Wolfgang has amassed at just 30 years of age is beyond amazing. Back in 2006 a very proud Eddie Van Halen told Howard Stern “the name ‘Van Halen’, the family legacy is gonna go on way after I’m gone ’cause this kid is just a natural.” As this prophecy has been realized I’m positive there is one very proud dad smiling down from above.



Mammoth WVH:

Wolfgang Van Halen: Lead Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards/Piano


Frank Sidoris: Guitar

Jon Jourdan: Guitars

Ronnie Ficarro: Bass

Garrett Whitlock: Drums





1.)  Don’t Back Down

2.)  Horribly Right

3.)  Mammoth

4.)  Mr. Ed

5.)  Resolve

6.)  Talk & Walk

7.)  Think It Over

8.)  You’re To Blame

9.)  The Big Picture

10.)  Circles

11.)  Feel

12.)  You’ll Be The One

13.)  Stone

14.)  Distance

15.)  Epiphany




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