Zan Fiskum Releases Debut Album “Sleeping Problems”



Zan Fiskum’s debut release
“Sleeping Problems”  


Every once in a while there’s a voice that seems to strike a note for each generation. That voice takes you to a place that’s more intimate than public and more expressive and exuberant than what you expected. Zan Fiskum is that voice. From her childhood experiences in community musical theater to her soaring interpretation of Bob Dylan‘s classic “Blowin’ In The Wind”, Zan has grown leaps and bounds to place herself possibly as one of the dynamic female vocalists to emerge from the Pacific Northwest since Ann Wilson and Brandi Carlisle. Not only is her voice a spectacular instrument, her song writing will take you on a journey to travel inside the passion and the pain of today’s youthful anxieties.



Zan’s debut CD “Sleeping Problems“ makes her statement with beautiful thematic anthems and love songs, deep with meaning and passion. Working with her producer and sometimes co-writer Alec Shaw, Zan brings to the table this wonderful collection of songs and stories. Stepping into the national spotlight by placing in the top 9 on The Voice Season #18, Zan gained much support from her mentor/coach John Legend. This exposure was just the first of many more to come as the world discovers her songwriting skills and passion.

“I wrote this album over the span of a year and two months, but quite honestly it did and still does feel like it took an eternity to complete. In a time that seemed to be like the demise of my youth, these songs served as my diary, acknowledging and documenting every stage I was walking through as a blooming adult. It’s as if I was unknowingly creating the soundtrack to my early twenties. I listen to this project and relive how it felt to lose my first love and watch what I thought would be a lifelong friendship begin to slip through my fingers and taste the unexpected strength found in the aftermath of suffering.”

“I chose to title this album Sleeping Problems because when I stepped back to look over what I had created I began to see a pattern weaving itself throughout the project. Each song came from my sleepless nights.”



“The things I processed and pondered that broke by innocence and brought disbelief. The moments that I ached for rest and instead tossed and turned through the endless darkness. The moments that I re-found my way into dreaming and the experiencing simplicity of joy. I love that this project gave each of those nights meaning. This album wasn’t initially an intentional, cohesive work and yet that is what it became. It’s because I wrote from the heart, without a plan and without a vision but through tears and vigor. These songs taught me about myself.”

“How I felt about what I was going through and how I saw myself as an individual. So I look back at this project with pride and a whole lot more confidence and knowledge than I had before.”

“Darlin I Have Loved You” was one of those great songwriting moments that had me rushing to the piano to completely interrupt my day because of the sudden idea I had playing through my head. The way that the melodies and lyrics came to me felt so natural and represented a beautiful moment of self-awareness and because of that I believe it’s the reason that it is by far my favorite song on this record.”

“In so many ways this song serves as an example of who I want to be as a composer and storyteller. When I wrote this song, I was in the midst of conforming to a whirlwind of conflicting emotions and although this piece deviates far from being straightforward in message, I believe that it’s so relatable to young love.”


Zan Fiskum 
Sleeping Problems
All songs by Zan Fiskum  ASCAP
“Blowin In The Wind” – by Bob Dylan*


Track List:
1. Still Thinkin About You   
2. Lean In
3. You Are The Light
4. You Don’t Call
5. Darlin I Have Loved You
6. My Attitude
7. Come Home
8. Blowing In The Wind *
9. You Are The Light (Live in Studio)