‘HOW MANY DREAM’S’ is due for release on 31 March via I Oh You Records,

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One of the things I love about being the editor of All Music Magazine UK, is now and then you get the ultimate  privilege of reviewing records by your favourite artists before everyone else, and that is the case right now,  Anybody that knows me, knows how much I love the DMA’S and now I get to sit down with a large gin, put on a pair of headphones and immerse myself in the bands new long player “How Many Dreams”

The DMA’S are a trio, hailing from Sydney Australia comprising lead vocalist Tommy O’Dell, lead guitar and backing vocalist Matt Mason, and guitarist Johnny Took

The album kicks off with the title track “How Many Dreams” all synths and squealing guitars before bursting into an indie dance stomper, think Fat Boy Slim or The Chemical Brothers and it’s a fantastic way to start the album, “Olympia” follows and it is a little more Indie, overdriving guitars sitting underneath Tommy Odell’s vocals, all underpinned by a great guitar riff,

The next track is ‘Everybody’s Saying Thursday’s The Weekend’ the album’s lead single a song about embracing the future with a sense of optimism. and it leaves you with a sense of celebration and revolution in equal measures, “Dear Future’ follow it slows the pace down and see’s Tommy in a very melancholy mood, this track has a very Britpop, Oasis vibe. and this indie vibe continuous through the next couple of tracks firstly with “Forever” and it’s a la “Bittersweet Symphony” strings intro before it slips into just Tommy’s amazing voice and the beautiful strumming of an acoustic guitar before the chorus is brought to live by those strings again, brilliant, and then the next track  “Fading Like A Picture” takes it up a notch with bouncing guitars courtesy of Matt Mason, which reminded me a bit of Cast or The La’s even, this is a tasty bit of Indie pop/rock,



The gently tinkling of piano introduces us to “Jai Alai”  followed by “Get Ravey” a  driving indie pop song, with a huge big bombastic chorus “21 Year Vacancy” and “Something We Are Overcoming” before we come to the final track of the album “De Carle” where the sum of all the parts of this album come together in a 5-minute crescendo of brilliant dance-infused pop

The whole record is full of shimmering electronics and surging guitars and Tommy’s unique sometimes haunting tones bring the lyrics to life and touch you right to your core. That is what makes this record a euphoric celebration of everything that makes the DMA’S so brilliant, underlying dance beats, tied together with the band’s amazing abilitys to write stadium-sized indie bangers






1. How Many Dreams?
2. Olympia
3. Everybody’s Saying Thursday’s The Weekend
4. Dear Future
5. I Don’t Need To Hide
6. Forever
7. Fading Like A Picture
8. Jai Alai
9. Get Ravey
10. 21 Year Vacancy
11. Something We’re Overcoming
12. De Carle