Barry Manilow Celebrates His Birthday At Resorts World Arena Birmingham Uk 17th June 2022





‘ As Barry Launched Into His Classic I Write The Songs The Audience Were On Their Feet ‘


Could it Magic? Barry asked – yes it was and then some.

Barry Manilow took to the stage at the Resorts World Arena Birmingham to a cheer which took the roof off from adoring fans, many of whom had been holding onto their tickets since 2019. Barry was back and he certainly didn’t disappoint.

Opening with ‘It’s a Miracle’ followed by his huge sing along hit ‘Cant Smile Without You’, the audience were on their feet singing so loudly even Barry commented on how in tune the crowd was.

Barry took everyone back to when he was a little boy growing up in Brooklyn New York with Grandpa Joe, whom he credits with spotting he was musical, taking him to a little recording booth to record a little song. Barry still has the record to prove his efforts and it was played for the audience ending with Barry performing the very special ‘This Ones for You’ in memory of Grandpa Joe.

Barry included fans favorite ‘Stay’ – a huge hit in the UK for him and later in the show ‘Bermuda Triangle’ – another big hit with his UK fans.

Barry was in a reminiscing mood and said how he loves the UK, he is, in his words “Smitten with Britain” and what followed was hit after hit after hit. Each time the audience gave him a standing ovation and clapped for what seemed an eternity. Barry, after the many ovations, was clearly becoming overwhelmed by the love from the fans.

A spectacular performance of ‘Even Now’ brought the house down again as did ‘Memories’ from ‘Cats the musical’. The three big screens captured his every move and Barry featured several of his earlier albums singing songs from each including ‘I Made It Through the Rain’, ‘Looks Like We Made It’ and an amazing medley of classic hits which lifelong dedicated fans knew by heart and sang along.

Barry wore his classic black shirt and trousers with beautiful contrasting jackets although on one the hottest days of the year, he declined his jacket saying it was too hot. And when he stopped for a sip of water, his dedicated fans burst into ‘Happy Birthday To You’. Barry turned 79 years old yet to watch him sing, dance and move about the stage he allied his 79 years by many.

It all began with ‘Mandy’ and as Barry launched into the opening chords the screens had Barry back in the 70’s sitting at his piano performing ‘Mandy’, in the darkness Barry left the stage, changed into a gorgeous blue sparkly jacket and returned to sing along with himself bringing ‘Mandy’ to a spectacular end.

As Barry launched into his classic ‘I Write the Songs’ the audience were on their feet as his wonderful backing singers Muffy, Melanie & Kye wheeled out a huge Birthday cake including another rendition of Happy Birthday Barry. ‘Copacabana’ followed with another amazing jacket reminiscent of the 80’s.

Out came a local choir to complete the evening with a brilliant performance of ‘Let Freedom Ring’ with a Union Jack & American Flag unfurling behind the choir and, as the song ended, the Flag of Ukraine unfurled to compete the three flags. Huge confetti canons fired over the audience as Barry and his singers and band took their final bows.

For the dedicated lifelong Barry Manilow fans this was indeed was a spectacular show, one of Barry’s best, for those wondering “Who’s Barry”? check him out; you will see why thousands of fans follow him on every tour in every country. 79 years old? Here’s to the next 79.

Barry is performing in London, Newcastle, Cardiff Glasgow and Leeds





1./ It’s a miracle

2./ Can’t smile without you

3./ Stay

4./ Somewhere in the night/Looks like we made it

5./ This one’s for you

6./ Daybreak

7./ Even now

8./ The old songs/Ships/ Ready to take a chance again

9./ Memory

10./ Dancin’ in the aisles/Dancing in the street/Let’s hang on

11./ Bermuda Triangle

12./ Could It be magic

13./ I made it through the rain

14./ I write the songs

15./ Copacabana

16./ Let freedom ring

17./ It’s a miracle (Reprise)