Bikeweek 2024 in Daytona Beach, Florida is in Full Swing as Iron Horses are Everywhere and So It The Music on March 6, 2024




What is Bike Week I was asked today. It’s a ten-day celebration held on one of America’s most famous beaches and in the surrounding communities. Traditionally, the Central Florida region gets an influx of roughly 500,000 visitors to the region burning the ten days of Bike Week. Many come for motorcycle racing at the world-famous Daytona International Speedway, and others just for the gathering. It’s also a warm getaway from the snow and winter that is currently happening North of the state of Florida. Some bikers ride into town, while others trailer their rides in anticipation of being among other motorcycle enthusiasts enjoying a large gathering of like-minded individuals.

With this ten-day growth in population, local bars and restaurants gear up for their busiest week of the year. These out-of-state visitors need to eat, and they need to be entertained. Many bars rent stages to place on their grounds in an attempt to entice the bikers to stay at their establishment for long hours and to spend their money to enjoy live music. On a four-block area on Main Street in Daytona Beach, Florida, five establishments have eight stages for continuous entertainment running 14 hours a day.



All Music Magazine Central Florida is always game to enjoy and cover the music during this yearly celebration. This year we started 15.7 miles north of Mainstreet in Daytona Beach at Teddy Morse’s Daytona Harley-Davidson which is actually located in Ormond Beach, Florida. The first stop was at the Saints and Sinners bar where Wicked Serenity, a Godsmack tribute band was already on stage.  From what I witnessed, they were spot on as I have seen Godsmack live. Ben Browning’s vocals were a perfect match to Sully Erna’s, it was impressive and a band I would like to see more of.


Band Members:

Brad Balsama – Guitar/Backing Vocals

Ben Browning – Lead Vocals/Guitar

Nick Rizzo – Drums

Brad Secore – Bass/Backing Vocals




Next on The Saints and Sinners stage was Hypersona. I have seen this band a number of times, but this was the first time with Grant Hannah on bass and they were as good as ever. Eric Frates is always great on the drums and his vocals are always outstanding. All Music Magazine Central Florida had a few minutes with Frates before his performance as he fondly spoke about his touring experience with The Pat Travers Band in Europe back in 2008. When asked if he missed touring and if would he like to go out on tour again, he stated that he would rather be hanging around at home.

It’s always amazing to me that there are so many great musicians here in Central Florida and it doesn’t matter that they are performing covers or in a tribute band, a good musician is a good musician. Hypersona is one of Central Florida’s best bands.


Band Members:

Eric Frates – Lead Vocals/Drums

Steve Savage – Guitar/Vocals

Grant Hannah – Bass/Vocals




The next stop was just down the road at the Broken Spoke Saloon, an outdoor venue with a massive stage and room for a huge crowd. Bobby Friss was on stage when All Music Magazine Central Florida arrived. Bobby Friss has been performing nationally since 1975 and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. With six recorded albums and multiple Florida Jammy Awards Bobby Friss is a Bike Week must-see performer. 




The highlight of the night was at the Full Moon Country Saloon and their Bike Week house band, Hayfire was on stage in front of hundreds of happy, dancing fans. The band was just on fire and Takara Lee Speagle commanded every eye in the audience as she delivered vocally with power. Hayfire is Central Florida’s hottest country band winning Orlando Weekly’s “Best Cover Band” in their  ‘Best Of’ series, 5 years in a row. This band is a lot of fun to experience and they will be performing Friday and Saturday night!

Checkout their page on All Music Magazine Central Florida HERE


Band Members:

Brandon Goldthwaite – Drums

Brooks Vaughan – Vocals/Guitar

Bill Bernhard – Bass

Steve Becker – Pedal Steel

Jordan King – Electric Guitar

Takara Lee Speagle – Vocals



After leaving Full Moon Country Saloon, All Music Magazine ventured down the block to Main Street Station’s rear stage to see the band Beared Brothers. Then venturing out to the stage on Mainstreet, we were asked to leave and told we were not approved and were not welcome to be on the property taking pictures to showcase the bar and bands during Bike Week. A business refusing free advertising? This was never a problem the past four years, but whatever to each their own. Sorry Bearded Brothers but we are not permitted to publish your images.



So down the road, we went to The Legendary Boot Hill Saloon and Voodoo Vibe was on the small inside stage. The bar was packed and wasn’t conducive to taking pictures of the band and not obstructing fans’ views. So, we took a quick shot and headed home.



There are still two days left of music and entertainment over in Daytona Beach and surrounding areas, the party is still alive so get out and enjoy yourselves!