Grouplove Electrifies the Observatory in North Park, San Diego, California, USA on March 5, 2024



I photographed my first Grouplove show back in 2012 and have tried to see them every time they have come through San Diego since.  I really love their high-energy music and stage presence. Their shows are a wonderful assault on your senses, and their stop at the Observatory – North Park on March 5, 2024, was no different. I caught their last San Diego appearance when they opened for Pink, you can see the photos from that show HERE. This time I was going to be a lot closer and the show, way more intimate. The first thing I noticed when heading to the box office to pick up my credentials was the large GROUPLOVE / SOLD OUT sign on the window and the line starting to form at the door. 

Opening for Grouplove was Bully, the solo project of singer-songwriter/guitarist Alicia Bognanno. I had never heard Bully live before and really enjoyed her set. The lighting for her one -person show was rather muted and quite dark. I was starting to fear that the lighting for Grouplove was going to be also very dark. That fear was completely unfounded. 


Bully is:

Alicia Bognanno –Everything



Grouplove took to the stage and there was light, lots of bright, glorious, colorful light. The subdued tones of the opening act were gone and the visual assault had begun. The following 20-song setlist had something for every Grouplove fan, including five from their first album, Never Trust a Happy Song, and five from their latest album, I Want It All Right Now. The stage was washed is reds, blues, and yellows from the combination overhead and lots of backlighting. Since the last time, I shot them was from back at the soundboard and at a stadium, using a 400mm lens, this time I went the other direction with one camera sporting the usual 40-200mm lens and the other camera with the super wide 14-24mm lens. This combo allowed me to capture the show in a slightly different way from my normal close crop, getting a slightly wider view of the stage. This also allowed me to capture the whole band in a single frame, not that easy of a task when the band uses every inch of the stage. 

After the first three songs, we left the photo pit and headed towards the back of the venue. It was time to put the cameras away and enjoy the rest of the show. The best part of a Grouplove show is that this is a band that just seems to be having their best day ever, every time they perform. The joy they seem to feel performing creates a fantastic energy between the fans and the band. It’s that energy that makes these shows so special. I’m already looking forward to the next time I get to see them perform live.


GroupLove are:

Hannah Hooper – lead vocals, keys

Chris Zucconi– lead  vocals, rhythm guitar

Andrew Wesson – lead guitar, backing vocals

Daniel Gleason– bass

Benjamin Homola – drums



GroupLove  Setlist:

1.Close Your Eyes and Count to Ten

2. Primetime

3. Deleter

4. Cheese

5. Malachi

6. Ways to Go

7. Itchin’ on a Photograph

8. I’m With You

9. Shark Attack

10. Cruel and Beautiful World

11. Tell Me a Story

12. All

13. Hello

14. Tongue Tied

15. Song 2 (Blur cover) (Partial Cover)

16. Chances

17. Cream


18. Welcome to Your Life

19. Raspberry

20. Colours






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