Country Rebel Presents Waylon Jennings' 85th Birthday Celebration Family and Friends Reunion!



Country Rebel Presents
Waylon Jennings’ 85th Birthday Celebration Family and Friends Reunion!
Long Form Video Released Today on Country Rebel’s YouTube Channel
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(Nashville, Tennessee…) – June 15, 2022 — Leading music and lifestyle brand Country Rebel recently gathered together artists with last names like Frizzell, Whitley, Nelson, Tritt, and most importantly, Jennings, to record a series of performances paying tribute to Waylon Jennings and celebrating what would have been his 85th birthday. After months of combing through interviews and songs shot at the Country Rebel Ranch in Ashland City, TN, the exciting and compelling long form video will begin airing today, June 15, 2022, on the Country Rebel YouTube page. The date coincides with Waylon’s birthday, and 2022 also marks 20 years since Waylon’s passing in February 2002.
With the blessing of the Jennings family matriarch Jessi Colter, and the help of Whey Jennings’ manager Tammy Carolus, Country Rebel founders Darin and Kevin Blue coordinated the participation of several artists and family members to pay tribute to the Country Music Hall of Fame member. Artists who paid respect to Waylon’s legacy included: Whey Jennings, Jenni Eddy Jennings, Travis Tritt, Creed Fisher, Jesse Keith Whitley, Tyler Booth, Billy Don Burns, Raelyn Nelson Band, Tommy Townsend, Cagney Frizzell, Justin Jeansonne, Tom Wopat, Struggle Jennings and Brianna Harness.
Additional storytelling and commentary is provided by Waylon Jennings’ son Buddy Jennings and his wife Kathy Jennings.
While well known and frequently recognized for the quality and consistency of its live acoustic productions, Country Rebel’s celebratory tribute to Waylon Jennings represents the company’s first long-form video production that includes story-telling and extensive behind-the-scenes footage.
“This represents our first time venturing into long-form content, and we couldn’t be more excited to start by paying respect to such an important icon in country music history. We are thrilled to be able to shine further light on the impact and legacy of Waylon’s music as well as his family and how his music continues to shape and mold country music even today. Many people don’t realize how much talent runs in the bloodlines of the families of country music royalty and we are happy to not only celebrate the heroes of country music such as Waylon Jennings, but also show fans that the talent only grows with each generation. We’re really looking forward to expanding into more projects like this in the future.” says Darin Blue.
His brother Kevin Blue added, “Waylon Jennings is a true icon in country music. His legacy as both a singer and songwriter is unparalleled. We are honored to celebrate Waylon’s life and legacy here at the Rebel Ranch, through untold stories, and beautiful tributes to his greatest hits. We can’t thank the Jennings family and friends enough for lending their time and talents for this remarkable tribute!”
About Country Rebel: Country Rebel is a leading media, product and acoustic production company in the country music community. Country Rebel’s network of influence includes over 18 million plus country music and lifestyle fans on Facebook, 455K YouTube subscribers, 448k Instagram followers and 715k TikTok followers. The company was co-founded by dynamic San Diego brothers, Kevin and Darin Blue, seasoned entrepreneurs with 26 years of collective digital marketing experience. Driven by their strong passion for country music, the “Blues Brothers” launched Country Rebel in 2014 as a vehicle to sell a clothing line that promoted the spirit of country lifestyle. In just over five years, their website morphed into a top-ranking country music platform for both new and established artists to connect with country music fans all over the world. Country Rebel consistently generates over 24 million social engagements per month on its vast network of country music sites and social fan pages. 
Country Rebel’s Darin Blue (l.) and Kevin Blue (r.) consult with
Whey Jennings’ manager Tammy Carolus (c.) about the
recording of the Waylon Jennings 85th Birthday Celebration.
(l. to r.) – Darin Blue, Billy Don Burns, Cagney Frizzell, Whey Jennings, Justin Jeansonne,
and Kevin Blue during the recording of the Waylon Jennings 85th Birthday Celebration
Darin Blue (l.) and Kevin Blue (r.) meet with country artist and longtime Jennings
family friend Tommy Townsend (c.) following his performance for the
Waylon Jennings’ 85th Birthday Celebration
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