Dub War share new single “Get Back Up” ft Mike Bordin (Faith No More)




Taken from new album  “Westgate Under Fire”

Out 5th August via Earache Records


Fusion metal pioneers Dub War have released a new single titled “Get Back Up”, the fourth track to be taken from their first album of all-new material in over 25 years, ‘Westgate Under Fire’.

The prog-infused new track features Faith No More drummer Mike Bordin – who has also played alongside the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, and Korn – on intricate yet powerful drumming duties, whilst riff heavy, effected guitars rhythmically drive the track forward. “Get Back Up” also sees frontman Benji Webbe (Skindred) displaying a more nuanced and melodic side to his vocal style. As with the singles that have come before it, the track is a consummate insight into the band’s ability to traverse multiple styles and genres, whilst nurturing a sound which is distinctively their own.

Speaking on the new single, Webbe says, “I’ve always wanted to empower and lift those who are going through a tough time, and in days like this, who isn’t.. This is what “Get Back Up” was created for.

I called Mike Bordin about him playing on this particular Dub War track. Mike has been a Dub War fan from way back. He eventually called me back and, with passion, said ‘I’m in’…

Together with us, Mike really set the pace for all the other drummers on the album. The style and sound of Bordin strikes hard and shines though on “Get Back Up.”



Also speaking on the track Mike Bordin says, “In this time of isolation/alienation, it was such a pleasure to be able to groove and flow with my old friend, the mighty Mr. Benji Webbe. Welcome back Dub War, and thanks for bringing me along on your ride.

Webbe’s lyrics are on time and strongly on point, encouraging and inspirational in a time when we can all use a lift. Being asked to play on this Dub War song “Get Back Up couldn’t have come at a better time. This album ‘Westgate Under Fire’ is truly bringing the fire…”

A long term fan of the band, Bordin had previously praised them in an interview with Kerrang! where he said, “I bought the first Dub War album, which is fucking great. Your Editor Phil [Alexander] turned me on to them and they’re amazing, Right up there with Bad Brains.

The new track follows the release of Dub War’s hip-hop infused metal track “Vibes In The Place“, which saw fellow Newport resident and good friend of the band Mikee “KRUPA” Gregory on drums. The band also recently shared a rousing ragga-punk cover of the Max Romeo and the Upsetters’ classic “War Inna Babylon”, which features guest vocals from the legendary Ranking Roger of The Beat in his last ever recording before his sad passing in 2019.

The band announced their return with a single titled “Blackkk Man“. Released in the midst of the celebration of Black History Month in the US last month, “Blackkk Man” is a furious revolt against racism and a bleak reflection of crucial events from this decade in particular, including the murder of George Floyd. The accompanying lyric video, compiled and edited by Aran Webster, serves to drive the critical message contained in the lyricism of “Blackkk Man” further, putting society’s outrageous double standards in plain sight via news footage and articles.

“Blackkk Man” and their latest singles “War Inna Babylon”, “Vibes In The Place”, and “Get Back Up” launch Dub War back into the industry as the band who turned heads with their groundbreaking genre-bending once more. Alongside these potent punk rock-laced track, ‘Westgate Under Fire’ offers up dance infused metal, ragga-punk and sinister metal with exotic beats.

A band born and raised in Newport, ‘Westgate Under Fire’ shines a light on a crucial event in their hometown’s history, the Newport Uprising. An event which would play a role in transforming democracy in Britain and the world, the uprising in 1839 saw thousands from the Chartist movement march through south Wales, seeking social reform, including the right for men of all classes to vote. The marches ended in a bloody battle at the Westgate Hotel, which saw many of the Chartists dead or wounded. ‘Westgate Under Fire’ aims to embody the empowerment that Chartists took upon themselves and coincides with the local community resurrecting the derelict Westgate Hotel into an exciting new venue.

‘Westgate Under Fire’ is available for pre-order worldwide on signed, limited edition coloured vinyl, black vinyl, signed CD and limited cassette at earache.com/dubwar. Due for release 5th August 2022.