EP Review – THE CALLS – “Fall Inside Again”




Leeds trio THE CALLS released their “FALL INSIDE AGAIN” EP on 20 November 2020 on Atomic Records


THE CALLS are Tom Fuller – lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Will Johnson – lead guitar, Marcell Haselwood – bass guitar.

These EP combines their three most recent singles, “A Change Is Gonna Come Around Here”, “Fall Inside” and “I Just Thought I’d Say”, with two previously unreleased songs, “Tell Me Why” and “I Should’ve Known”. The EP is available on CD via Bandcamp and through all digital platforms including Spotify, Apple and Tidal.

The title track of the EP, “Fall Inside” starts off with a slightly spikey, dirty guitar and a laid-back vocal, reminding me very much of early Courteeners circa St Jude, distinctly Indie and maybe a little bit Punky. The chorus kicks in nicely with a dreamy vocal and guitar-picking melody sitting underneath swirling guitars.



The second track off the record is “Tell Me Why”. Starting off with a pumping bass line and keys, layered with Arpeggio guitar, and then Tom’s vocal and wordsmithery take centre-stage. The track picks up to a squealing guitar middle eight before dropping down to finish the way it started

The third track is “I Just Thought I’d Say” which has a totally different feel than the first two tracks. Beginning with the sparse strumming of a guitar, (thought I was listening to the Kooks for a minute), and bongos – yes, bongos! The vocals lead the way; Tom Fuller’s unique style shine through here, and then it builds to something much fuller and more layered. This is a cracking track, I really could imagine hearing this on national radio, my personal fave of the EP, a swirling indie psych-fest.



Track 4, “I Should’ve Known” starts deep and pulsating and is more guitar layered and lo-fi with Tom’s vocal sitting very deep in the mix, the verses lead in to, what I would consider for The Calls, a soaring chorus. Love it!

The last track on the EP is “A Change is Gonna Come Round Here” with it’s swirling keys at the start, then kicking into a very 70’s heavy guitar before stripping it away and Tom’ vocal jumps out at you over the underlying swirling keyboard sounds. This is my least favourite track on the release and I am quite glad it was at the end, because by the time I got to it, I had already decided I liked the EP.



All in all, this EP has a psych rock, retro indie feel and is very accomplished release. I really liked the EP as a whole but especially “I Just Thought I’d Say” which I think stands out in every department, so the next step for me is to check the band out live, WHEN we are allowed to go to venues again…..





Fall Inside 

Tell Me Why

I Just Thought I’d Say

I Should’ve Known

A Change Is Gonna Come Around Here