Foxette Moxy shares two new tracks, 'Goodbye Spacetime' and 'The King's Daughter'




Foxette Moxy shares two new tracks, ‘Goodbye Spacetime’ and ‘The King’s Daughter’ 

​​​Temples’ Adam Smith’s solo project 


Foxette Moxy, the side project of Temples’ Adam Smith, has relesed two new tracks. ‘Goodbye Spacetime’ and ‘The King’s Daughter’ wrap up the year for his first solo forays. 

He speaks about the two tracks –

On ‘Goodbye Spacetime’:

‘The song plays with the claim that spacetime is ‘doomed’. It’s a song about parting ways, proposing that in order to progress we might need to leave behind theories, ideas and things that have been long cherished.’

And on ‘The King’s Daughter’:

‘This song was an experiment in using the ‘erasure’ technique, inspired by Ronald Johnson’s ‘Radi os’ and applied to a chapter in Italo Calvino’s ‘Italian Folktales.’ The lyrics are essentially nonsense and the music turned out to be nothing like what I’ve done before.’

These two tracks follow previous releases ‘Medicine’ / What’s Youth, Papa?’ and ‘Archipelago’ / ‘Soup’. As with previous releases, they were self-recorded in many different locations, one being a haunted cottage in Rutland. 




Foxette Moxy is an ongoing exploration in pop song-writing using both unconventional methods along with traditional approaches to composition. The outcome is a broad collection of songs ranging from the more jangly and easy listening to the more experimental. The wilderness of the jungle was always in mind during the process. Imagine that you’re flying above the lush canopy, following the meander of a wide and snaking river. The first releases, ‘Medicine’ and ‘What’s Youth, Papa’, were released earlier this year and featured by NME, The New Cue, Clash, The Line Of Best Fit, Live 4 Ever and Mystic Sons. 

Smith has written music from a young age and has played in many bands along the way, whilst still being a writing and touring member of Temples it has now become clear that it’s time to release some solo material. There are plans to release many more projects in the near future. ‘Better out than in.’