The Loveless (featuring Marc Almond and Neal X) debut album ‘Meet The Loveless’ out Jan 19th 2024



Everyone remembers their first love – even The Loveless! Described as ‘Britain’s best garage rock band’ by Louder than War, The Loveless could be accused of being a covers band but they are so immersed in the smouldering tension of the material, it fits them like a second skin. Sired by Marc Almond, whose voice evokes a million shades of darkness and delight, and long-term sideman/guitarist Neal X, a revved-up exponent of snaky riffs and thunderous chords, The Loveless are augmented by Iggy Pop’s stupendous touring rhythm section, Mat Hector and Ben Ellis, plus keyboard maestro James Beaumont. Serving up the songs that awoke their delinquent desire for snaky tunes played in seamy dives, The Loveless bring you their debut full length album ‘Meet The Loveless’ – a potent brew of ’70s rock,

’60s R&B and Garage Rock with nods to T. Rex, Iggy, David Bowie and Alice Cooper. Where the Kink’s moody ‘I’m Not Like Everybody Else’ rubs shoulders with The Sorrow’s ‘Take A Heart’. The Shadows Of Night’s ‘Dark Side’ shimmies up against Smoky’s ‘Hot, Hard & Ready’ (NB not the insipid UK Smokie but L.A’s sizzling underground Leather-clad lad Smoky..). Former Sex Pistols star Glen Matlock rock and rolls with Almond on the Bo Diddley classic ‘Pills’ and two Almond/X original songs ‘Nothing At All’ and ‘Wild In The Streets’ fit like full moon boys and girls in black leather waiting for
the night to begin.



‘Meet The Loveless’ – Songs for sailors ‘n’ sluts, wantons ‘n’ night hawks, sirens ‘n’ sinners, werewolves ‘n’ kittens, the misbegotten and the unforgiven.

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‘Meet The Loveless’ track-listing:

Wild In The Streets – Almond/Whitmore
Putty In Your Hands – Snyder/Patton
Pills – McDaniel (Featuring Glen Matlock)
Take A Heart – Dallon
I’m Not Like Everybody Else – Davies
Dark Side – Sohns/Rogers
Nothing At All – Almond/Whitmore
Hot Hard & Ready – Condon
Under My Wheels – Dunaway, Bruce, Ezrin
You’re Gonna Miss Me – Erickson
Night Time – Feldman, Goldstein, Gottehrer
Shape Of Things To Come – Mann/Weil
I’ll Be Gone – McCoy/Scott