Fudge. / Sign to Marshall Live Agency




The old adage informs that good things come to those who wait but it’s just as relevant to those who work their balls off; those who have absolute faith and commitment in what they do as they create something that’s as beautiful as it is dangerous, as joyous as it is deafening.

Leeds four-piece FUDGE. after the unforgiving slog of booking their own gigs, of spreading their inimitable energy and love throughout venues in the UK, and of achieving something approaching legendary status in their home city of Leeds, have signed to the MARSHALL LIVE AGENCY where they join such luminaries as Gen And The Degenerates, Black Coast, Gutter, Crashface and Snake Eyes. The initial impact to us – the listener, the gig-goer – will be marginal but over the coming months it will mean that FUDGE. will be appearing at more venues in more towns and cities to bring their epic live performance which, repeatedly, is eulogised by those who find themselves caught within the chaos.

As Otto from the band says, “Ah, mate, we’re absolutely buzzing. Marshall have been a brand that I’ve seen my whole life. I remember being 4 or 5 years old and one of my Dad’s mates having a big Marshall stack in his dining room. I just thought it was such a f*cking cool thing. To now be part of that and be associated with the great legacy of Marshall is an honour. Not to mention all the great shows we’ll play off the back of this. Onwards and upwards!.”

For their part, Marshall seems equally overjoyed. “We’re beyond excited to welcome Fudge. to the family,” says Stuart Vallans, Head of Marshall Live Agency. “Great band and great people that we’re going to do great things with.”



The band recently released THE TOWN HALL SESSION EP, fusing three previously released singles and two additional ‘wobblers’ – as singer Cam so eloquently puts it – Jekyll & Hide and Pepsi Noggins. Recorded and mixed by Leeds’ Kane Whitelam and captured on camera by the great Hugh Roberts and Tim Wheeler, the EP is the culmination of talented people each making their mark on the Leeds scene. It was dedicated to all those who have helped and supported FUDGE. through their short and chaotic life so far and serves to bring more of us together to experience the lifeblood that this band bring every time they play live.

That record marked the end of an era, but It also marks the beginning of many things: a new age of FUDGE. which will see even phatter gigs across the country; a new era of live music as we move away from the shit-show that has ensued for the past two years; and the beginning of some semblance of normality, where we can be as abnormal as possible once again.







My life is a soundtrack, i track my life through music, photography is my passion, my escape, my expression. Without both i have pieces missing, thankfully i'm blessed and get to combine both. Born in Manchester, lived in Australia for 22 years where i was heavily involved in the Australian Music Industry, firstly in bands (Singer) and then managing bands (all original), I moved back to the UK, Wales specifically 10 years ago and married my childhood sweetheart and life is good.