Fur Showcase Multi-Dimensional Debut Album ‘When You Walk Away’ at OSLO Bar, London November 26th 2021




Whilst The Fashion Styling And Clear Influences Of The 60s Easybeat Sound Shine Through, This Is Not A Mere Tribute Act


On a cold and wintery night in November I headed to OSLO Bar in Hackney, London, for a night of “60s-inspired rock” from Brighton-based Fur. Upstairs at a lovely little trendy bar in northeast London, it was a pleasure to get inside the venue for some Camden lager and some warmth. Small venues in bars can often be tiny spaces with a cordoned-off area in which bands try to squeeze themselves and their gear, with poor lighting and a tight throng of people. Not so OSLO; there was plenty of space, a proper low-level stage, decent lighting and enough room for a five-piece band such as Fur.

By the time the band went on the place was rammed with well over 150 people. Given their influences I was surprised to see the crowd was mostly at the younger end of the scale, with a few oldies propping up the walls, beer in hand, at the back. According to their Facebook page, their tour has attracted wide interest and several high-level celebs have been spotted in the audience. They are clearly on their way to big things!



The band is a few dates into their UK tour to promote their new album ‘When You Walk Away’ and a generous number of songs from the new album are showcased for our delight and delectation in Hackney. They leave for a seven-date North American tour in March 2021 and our friends across the pond are in for a treat. Whilst the fashion styling and clear influences of the 60s easybeat sound shine through, this is not a mere tribute act regurgitating days gone by. Instead, they have managed to combine recognisable melodic and vocal influences of the 60s with a more modern soft indie rock feel that is both new yet instantly familiar, and very easy on the ears. It was, in fact, an absolute pleasure and the adoring and respectful fans loved every second of it.

Engaging frontman William Murray, on vocals and guitar, talks to the crowd and holds them gleefully   in his hands while whipping through up-tempo favourites, occasionally interspersed with a few down-tempo acoustic numbers, sometimes joined by the enigmatic and smouldering righthand man on lead guitar Joshua Buchanan. The songs are multi-dimensional while still rooted in the 60s-infuenced styles. The full band, with Willian Taverner on bass and Flynn Whelan on the skins, and newly joined by Harvey Dent on keys rounding out the sound, are tight and accomplished. A curfew meant the set ended around 10pm and the adoring crowd eventually went home very happy. Fur must be rightfully proud of what they have achieved since their inception in Brighton a few years ago.

Fur Are:

William Murray – lead vocals, guitars

Joshua Buchanan – lead guitar

William ‘Tav’ Taverner – bass guitar

Harvey Dent – Keyboards

Flynn Whelan – drums






1.) When you walk Away Pt.1

2.) The Fine Line of a Quiet Life

3.) Nothing Until Something

4.) Anybody Else But Me

5.) Grow UP

6.) Not Enough

7.) Untitled

8.) 17 to 8

9.) Him and Her

10.) Wild Heart

11.) Love You All The Time

12.) No Good For You

13.) If You Know That I’m Lonely

14.) She’s The Warmest Colour in my Mind

15.) Can’t Help Falling in Love

16.) Angel Eyes