M3 Rock Festival Day 2 at The Merriweather Post Pavillion in Columbia, Maryland on May 7, 2022



Upon arriving at The Merriweather Post Pavillion for day two of the 13th annual M3 Rock Festival, it was still rainy and cold. Concert goers trickled in slower today as there was an after-show party at one of the hotels. Last night there was a DJ playing music and lots of socializing. Doors opened on time, and the fans entered and went right over to the merch booth to check out what new shirts they had for today’s bands. 

With a last-minute surprise, due to several covid cases in the Extreme camp, we were lucky to have Enuff Z’nuff fill in for them. With the recent release of their album, Hardrock Nite, a Beatles cover album, they hit the stage with “Magical Mystery Tour”.  Tony Fennell has been filling in for Alex Kane on guitar since covid, but it seems to me, like he might be back in the band again. Chip is always a favorite on stage with his seventy’s vibe outfit. His oversized glasses, red jacket with silk ruffles, and tight snakeskin pants let you know he is a rock star. He plays a well-worn Fender bass, with rainbow-colored strings, adorned with stickers including one on the back that says, “Don’t do drugs”. The set ends with their 2 biggest hits, “New Thing”, and “Fly High Michelle”. Enuff Z’nuff is always a crowd favorite.


Enuff Z’Nuff

Saturday May 7



Enuff Z’Nuff is:

Chip Z’Nuff – Lead Vocals, Bass

Tory Stoffergen – Lead Guitar

Daniel B. Hill – Drums

Tony Fennell – Guitar




1. Magical Mystery Tour (Beatles cover)

2. Kiss the Clown

3. Eleanor Rigby (Beatles cover)

4. Jet (Wings cover)

5. In the Groove

6. Fly High Michelle 

7. New Thing


Lillian Axe was a surprise for me, as I’ve never really listened to them or seen them live. Even though they have been around for 39 years and were inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame in 2010 and Steve Blaze was inducted a second time for his contributions as a musician, these guys deserve way more credit.  They sounded well-rehearsed and put on an awesome 45-minute set. As a new fan, standouts for me were “Misery Loves Company”, “True Believer”, and ” Show a Little Love”. With the release of their new album on May 6, Psalms for Eternity, I think I’ll head on over to the local record store and pick up a copy to start my Lillian Axe collection. (or Amazon, I-tunes, or wherever we buy music this year)


Lillian Axe

Saturday May 7



Lillian Axe is:

Steve Blaze – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals, Keyboards

Brent Graham – Lead Vocals

Sam Poitevent – Guitar, Vocals

Michael “Maxx” Darby – Bass Guitar

Wayne Stokely – Drums




1. Misery Loves Company

2. All’s Fair in Love and War

3. Deep Freeze

4. True Believer

5. Ghost of Winter

6. Crucified

7. Death Comes Tomorrow

8. Show a Little Love


My daughter has been a huge fan of Vain for a few years now, so, in turn I have gotten to know a bunch of their songs. My favorites from yesterday’s performance were “Icy”, “Secrets”, “No Respect”, and “Beat the Bullet”. With founding member Davy Vain running back and forth about the stage barefoot while belting out the vocals, this mostly original band lineup still brings its glam metal sound to its fans. Dylana rips it up on guitar with the looks of a rock star. 



Saturday May 7



Vain is:

Davy Vain – Lead Vocals, Additional Guitars

Ashley “Ash” Mitchell – Bass

Dylana “D.N.” Nova Scott – Lead Guitar

Tommy “Tom” Rickard – Drums

Joel Proto – Rhythm Guitar




1. Secrets
2. Aces
3. Icy
4. Greener
5. 1000 Degrees
6. Who’s Watching You

7. Push Me Over

8. No Respect

9. Breakdown

10. Beat the Bullet

Next up was Heaven’s Edge. With the rain still coming down and the wind blowing it into the venue, these guys still performed their best. Original members Mark Evans, Reggie Wu, and Steve Parry, along with Dave Rath on Drums have what it takes to keep the crowd excited for the entire set. Mark Evans has a total rockstar look with his long curly hair, studded jacket and kicks just as high as Reggie’s!  Half way through the set, they played a new song “Had Enough” to which I heard one fan say that is sounded true to their roots. After running through a setlist of their most popular songs, Ted Poley came out to help with the vocals on “Find Another Way”   They recently got signed by Frontiers Music and when they were told “You know this is a 3-record deal, right?” they replied, “You know we are old, right?”. At the end of their set, Mark announced that Paul Gargano from Metal Edge lost a bet and needs to wear a thong on stage at next year’s M3 Rock Festival.


Heaven’s Edge

Saturday May 7



Heaven’s Edge is:

Reggie Wu – Guitar, keyboards, piano, backing vocals

Mark Evans – Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards, piano

David “Dave” Rath – Drums

Jaron Gulino – Bass 

Steven “Steve” Parry – Guitar





1. Rock Steady

2. Up Against the Wall

3. Skin to Skin

4. Daddy’s Little Girl

5. Jacky

6. Don’t Stop, Don’t Go

7. Had Enough

8. Is That All You Want?

9. Play Dirty


I was so excited to see Tony Harnell perform.  I was a big fan of TNT back in the 1980’s and haven’t gotten to see them since. The emcee said that Tony is said to still be able to hit all the notes of his 4-octave range, and I believe it. Starting off the set with “As Far as the Eye Can See”, Tony proved that he can still hit the notes. About 1/2 way through the set, the music was halted, and Tony was inducted into the 2022 Metal Hall of Fame. The set continued on with all of my favorite TNT songs, including “10,000 Lovers”, “Everyone’s a Star”, and “Tell No Tales”. Tony’s melodic 4-octave range made this day worth the price of admission!


Tony Harnell

Saturday May 7



Tony Harnell (The Voice of TNT) is:

Tony Harnell – Lead Vocals

Luis Espaillat – Bass

Dan Douchette – Drums

Gaurav Bali – Guitar




1. Intro – (A Nation Free)

2. As Far as The Eye Can See

3. Desperate Night

4. She Needs Me

5. Seven Seas

6. Downhill Racer

7. Northern Lights

8. MHOF Introduction

9. Forever Shine On

10. Tonight I’m Falling

11. Listen to You’re Heart

12. 10,000 Lovers (In One)

13. Intuition

14. Everyone’s a Star

15. Tell No Tales


As you all know, Stephen Pearcy is the singer from Ratt, and as a solo band, he still performs all the Ratt hits that we know and love to sing along to. Opening the set with “Sweet Cheater”, this was one of only 3 songs that I didn’t know. Stephen and his band really kept the crowd on their feet and singing along. After playing 1983’s “You Got It”, Steve said he was going to play us the ugly three. Now we know when he refers to this, it’s “You’re in Love”, “Lay It Down”, and “Lack of Communication”. Probably one of my favorite Ratt songs is “Way Cool Jr.”, so I was psyched to hear this in tonight’s set. The band played well and Stephen held his own on vocals, though not hitting all the high notes of the original recordings. 


Stephen Pearcy

Saturday May 7



Stephen Pearcy is:

Stephen Pearcy – lead vocals, guitar, writer 

Erik Ferentinos – lead guitar, backing vocals

Jerry Montano – bass, keyboards, backing vocals 

Juaquin Revuelta – drums 

Johnny Monaco – guitar, backing vocals 




1. Sweet Cheater

2. Wanted Man 

3. You Think You’re Tough

4. Slip of the Lip

5. U Got It 

6. You’re in Love 

7. Lay It Down

8. Lack of Communication 

9. Way Cool Jr. 

10. Lovin’ You’s a Dirty Job 

11. I’m Insane 

12. Body Talk 

13. Back for More 

14. Round and Round 


I was looking forward to Blue Oyster Cult as I had never seen them before. I grew up in the 1980’s and was more into hair metal and heavy metal than classic rock, but since I knew most of their radio friendly songs, I figured I would enjoy them. Blue Oyster Cult’s performance was fantastic, just a little outside my genre. Now, that being said, they did sound great, and I saw many fans singing along and enjoying themselves. This year is BOC’s 50th anniversary! BOC released their The Symbol Remains album during covid and from what many people say, it didn’t get the recognition it deserved.


Blue Oyster Cult

Saturday May 7



Blue Oyster Cult is:

Buck Dharma – lead guitar, lead vocals and backing vocals 

Eric Bloom – lead vocals and backing vocals, “stun guitar”, keyboards, synthesizers 

Danny Miranda – bass, backing vocals 

Richie Castellano – keyboards, rhythm guitar, additional lead guitar, backing vocals, additional lead vocals, bass 

Jules Radino – drums, percussion 




1. Dr. Music

2. Before the Kiss, a Redcap

3. Golden Age of Leather

4. That Was Me

5. Burnin’ for You

6. Harvest Moon

7.  E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)

8. ME 262

9. Then Came the Last Days of May

10. Buck’s Boogie

11. Godzilla

12. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper

13.  Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll


With how phenomenal Tom Keifer and his band sounded and performed tonight, you would never know their last show was March 12, 2020. These guys definitely stole the night. It is always nice to see Tom and Savannah on stage singing and playing the piano together. After ” Shelter Me”, and on an already cold and rainy night where everyone had on winter coats along with ponchos, Tom announced that it was about to get colder in here. This was the lead in to the song “Long Cold Winter”. Everyone, I mean, Everyone was on their feet for Tom Keifer’s entire performance. I would say that their performance was the best of the event so far. 


Tom Keifer Band

Saturday May 7



Tom Keifer Band is:

Tom Keifer – vocals

Savannah Keifer – keyboards, vocals

Tony Higbee – lead guitars, vocals

Billy Mercer – bass guitar

Kendra Chantelle – vocals, percussionist

Jarred Pope – drums

Kory Myers – keyboards, vocals





1. Touching the Divine

2. Night Songs 

3. Coming Home 

4. It’s Not Enough

5. Somebody Save Me 

6. Rise

7. Nobody’s Fool

8. Solid Ground

9. Fallin’ Apart at the Seams 

10. Last Mile

11. Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone) 

12. Shake Me 

13. Shelter Me

14. Long Cold Winter

15. The Death of Me

16. Gypsy Road



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