Moncrieff releases new single ahead of UK dates this December







The winner of this year’s RTÉ Choice Music “Irish Song of the Year” Award, Irish singer/songwriter Moncrieff announces his new single “Love Somebody” – out now via energie
Following the announcement of his massive upcoming EU/UK tour later this fall, Irish-born singer and songwriter Moncrieff returns with his latest single “Love Somebody” – a song he fittingly describes as a “kaleidoscopic explosion of colour.”
Having just won the RTÉ Choice Music Prize for “Irish Song of the Year” 2022 (for last year’s smash single “Warm”) earlier this year, Moncrieff has obviously been busy in the studio, finishing off recent EP “Highways & Hurricanes,” only to deliver yet another heartfelt anthem set to arrive this month. Complete with thundering claps, a punchy bassline and powerful drums, “Love Somebody” is indeed an “explosion of colour,” a powerful blend of sonic contrasts – incredibly touching and yet so urgent it’s impossible not to clap, dance or sing along: “… life is complicated and there’s no straight lines,” he knows, urging his listeners to go ahead, to fully commit, to fully fall in love: “If you gonna love somebody. Better go ahead and let ’em know. Everybody wants somebody. Never be afraid to let it show.” A couple of EPs into his career, Moncrieff obviously knows how to build soaring hooks, how to juxtapose calm verses and hugely explosive choruses.
„So If you gonna hold somebody.Then you better hold ’em hella close.I only knew I loved somebody, the moment that I knew I let her go“
“‘Love Somebody’ is a celebration of seizing the moment to show someone how much they mean to you,” says Moncrieff about the new song. “If you feel something for someone, the only time is now to let them know, life is too short to wait.”
“‘Love Somebody’ is the kaleidoscopic explosion of colour that occurs in those moments when you feel something real for someone,” adds the singer and songwriter. “You are totally present and in that moment. The song is an instruction to take that chance and dive in. Love does not discriminate against age, race, size, gender or religion. It isn’t only made available to a privileged few. It is a natural right for everyone to feel love.”



In love with classic Soul and R&B (Otis Redding, Etta James, and Ray Charles) as a teenager, music became increasingly important as an outlet for Irish-born Chris Breheny (aka Moncrieff) when suddenly his sister and, only two years later, his older brother passed away. After his 2017 debut single was played by Sir Elton John in his radio show, Chris kickstarted the latest chapter in 2022 when his single “Warm” (off the eponymous EP, released last September via energie) went top-10 in Irish Radio and saw him perform on Germany’s ARD Network (“Frühstücksfernsehen”), clocking millions of streams/views along the way. Following the release of his most recent “Highways & Hurricanes” EP, he just announced his “biggest ever tour around Europe and the UK,” including headline shows in Poland, Holland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and the UK.

The new single “Love Somebody” is out now via energie.


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