Olly Murs songwriter/singer and TV legend makes his 4th stop tonight and second show at Cardiff as an added extra date after selling out Cardiff the night before for his “Marry Me” tour. The do it all pop star/TV presenter is still as popular as ever.  

First up to take the stage is none other than Scouting for Girls. Is there a band better suited to opening a show?  With a number 1 UK album and 5 singles that’s been in the top ten UK charts, with 1 being a number one they are no stranger to anyone here.  

As they walk on Roy Stride has two big sponge Welsh dragon hands, delighting the audience who in return give them a huge welcome. Explaining their love for Wales as most of their songs were recorded in Wales and their new album wrote and recorded in NewportRoy Stride also explains that the backdrop behind them you can see in the photos is the house he grew up in and will be their new album cover. “The Place We Used To Meet” Release date 13th October.

Scouting for Girls wastes no time jumping into their hits starting with “Famous” and into “This Aint Love Song” Going straight into the title song from the new album describing it as definitely not a love song, throwing in a mix of “In The Jungle, the mighty jungle in the middle of the song. Ending their main set with “Elvis Isn’t Dead”, who is sitting on the drum kit throwing in a singing contest for good measure, left vs right and the crowd are up on their feet taking part, giving it their all.  Scouting for Girls has gone all out in opening this show. 

Band Members 

Roy Stride – lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, piano 

Greg Churchouse – bass, backing vocals 

Peter Ellard – drums  




The stage has been set for Olly and the crowd have all returned to their seats ready. You still get the feeling that the crowd see him still as the young cheeky boy from x factor. 

The lights dim and Tom Jones‘s It’s Not Unusual” starts playing. 

As Tom Jones ends the curtain drops and Olly is standing there, In a white dazzling suit with a stage dressed up as an altar. Before the spotlight hits him, the arena erupts.  

Then it’s Straight Into “Marry Me” from the new album “Marry Me”  He makes his way to the front of the stage picks up flowers and throws the flowers over his back into the audience who dive at it like their life depends on it. Someone has thas their night made. 

Olly stops to tell the crowd the reason for the “Marry Me” tour and stage dress up, He drops the bombshell that he’s getting married in 2023, in just two months, which to his surprise and laughing is met with boos.  While laughing that off he expresses his long gap in performing due to injuries, but he’s back now and going to give it everything he’s got. The stage sure feels like everything has gone into it, the brass band performing adds a sound to the music that flows through your body and hits your soul. 


Olly talks about his x factor days and the next song should have been his second song 14 years ago, but it never come out he wanted to perform it on this tour, being a 14-year-old exclusive. “Thinking of me” 

He spots a birthday girl in the front row jumps down and kisses her and sings happy birthday to Barbara at 77. She looks completely overjoyed on the big screens, smiling profusely.  

Olly plays a moving tribute to Caroline Flack, his co-presenter from Xtra Factor, “Sweet Caroline”.  He struggles through fighting back emotions as he’s helped out by the whole arena, shouting encouragement back, and sharing a very emotional moment in his life.  

Bringing the dance vibe back with “Heart Skips a Beat“, not one person has sat on their chairs all night, Olly commands the stage like no other, gliding around effortlessly as everyone watches in awe.  He blasts through some feel-good wedding classics, “YMCA”, “Celebrations”, “Don’t Stop Believing”, “Your Sex is on Fire”, and “Dancing on the Ceiling”. Hands are up everywhere, people. jumping up and down, living in the moment.

As the main set comes to an end people start stamping their feet on the floor, you can feel it vibrating, people chanting more more more! before he even leaves the stage

He starts his encore with his  2011 “, Dance with me tonight“.  

Straight Into Trouble Maker, both 2x platinum singles selling in the UK and this brings the concert to an end. One not to be missed by any Olly fan. 




1/ Marry Me / I’m Still Standing 

2/ Best Night of Your Life 

3/ You Don’t Know Love 

4/ Kiss Me / Watermelon Sugar 

5/ Right Place Right Time 

6/ I Found Her 

7/ Thinking of Me 

8/ Sweet Caroline 

9/ Dear Darlin’ 

10/ I Hate You When You’re Drunk 

11/ Heart Skips a Beat 

12/ We Found Love 

13/ Wrapped Up 

14/ Dancing on Cars 

15/ Celebration / YMCA / Blame it on the Boogie / Don’t Stop Believing / Sex On Fire / I Want It That Way / Dancing On The Ceiling 

(Wedding Mash-Up)  

16/ Dance With Me Tonight 

17/ Troublemaker