The K’s ” I Wonder If The World Knows? ” Tour At O2 Victoria Warehouse Manchester 26 April 2024





On Friday night, Earlstown’s finest indie rock band, The K’s, brought their 100-mile-an-hour music to O2 Victoria Warehouse. All Music Magazine UK was there to cover the event. Despite not being signed to a major label, The K’s have a massive following and as far as anyone could tell, they sold out the O2 Victoria Warehouse that night.

Even before the band took the stage, the excitement was palpable. People were grabbing their places at the front of the barrier, ready for the main event. But first, a band of fresh-faced 18-year-olds from Stockport, The Rolling People, played a set of high-octane indie with well-crafted songs and a big choruses. The crowd loved it, and The Rolling People proved to be a great appetizer for what was about to come. Expect to see a lot more of them in the future.



Next up was “The Clause,” a band made up of Pearce Macca as frontman, Liam Deakin on guitar, Jonny Fyffe as bassist, and Niall Fennell on drums. I’ve seen them a few times, and they never fail to impress. Tonight was no different. They played a set full of clever guitar riffs intertwining around one another, solid bass lines with floor tom thumping backbeat, and great energy. It was indie at its finest, but a little heavier and dirtier than the previous band. They had quite a large number of fans in the crowd who seemed to know the words to all of their songs.



Finally, it was time for the main event. The K’s took the stage, and the crowd was fully amped. The venue was instantly bouncing as they launched into “Icarus.” Lead singer Jamie Boyle was throwing himself around the stage while the other band members, Ryan Breslin, Dexter Baker, and Nathan Peers, brought it to life. Throughout the set, Jamie’s voice was spot on, and the band moved around the stage like crazy. The crowd loved it and bounced off the energy coming from the stage. The K’s are a great live band full of epic indie-style guitar riffs and banging tunes with anthemic choruses. By now, anyone who had the opportunity to get on someone’s shoulders was up, arms waving and singing at the top of their voices. It was a great sight to see. The roof was already blown off, but when they got to the intro to “Glass Towns,” it was blown into a thousand little bits. K’s fans just know how to have a great time, all partying, all joining in, and all loving the band in front of them. Overall, The K’s put on one hell of a show that night, but then again, they always do. It’s lovely to see the contribution The K’s fans make to their gigs. If you have never been to a K’s gig, it’s one hell of a party, and you have to at least give it a go. You will love it!




 Intro Boys In The Better Land

1/ Icarus

2/ Chancer

3/ Heart On my Sleeve

4/ Picture

5/ circles

6/ Glass Towns

7/ Hoping Maybe

8/ Black And Blue

9/ Throw It All Away

10/ Lights Go Down

11/ No Place Like Home

12/ Aurora


13/ Valley One

14/ Hometown

15/ Got A Feeling

16/ Landmines

17/ Sarajevo